Wednesday 1 December 2021

Vitamin C: My Mantra to Boost Immunity


Over the years, I have understood the importance of embracing a healthy lifestyle and making fitness my priority. I have found it to be therapeutic and a source of happiness. When I see all the things I can accomplish because of having a healthy body, it makes me feel like I can rule the world!


Seeing my transformation journey on Instagram, I am often asked to share my health mantra. So today, I will share one of them with you. It is ensuring the adequate intake of micronutrients like vitamin C fruits and vegetables.


But why vitamin C fruits and vegetables? [1]


Why I insist we must intake vitamin C is because it helps us in preventing infections. It is also instrumental in helping our wounds to heal. Vitamin C is also essential for healthy skin, bones, teeth, and connective tissue. Most importantly it aids in absorbing iron from our food.


It is an indispensable vitamin to our body, don’t you agree? Now if you’re wondering how you too can add this into your daily diet, let me share some tips that I follow:


• Watch what I eat [2]


I ensure my plate is rich in vitamin C fruits and vegetables every day without fail. We can include kiwis, tomatoes, green, yellow, and red bell peppers, oranges, limes, lemons, berries, broccoli, sprouts, lychees, papaya, strawberriesand greensand black currants in our diet so that we get the desired intake of vitamin C every day. Also, we must know that vitamin C is not processed in our body so we need to consume it to fulfill our needs.


• Securing the basics [3


It is important to understand what we are putting in our stomachs and what is the most effective way to intake it. Since vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient, it is best to consume vitamin C fruits and vegetables raw or by cooking them for a shorter time with minimal cooking water to enable maximum vitamin C retention. Also, we must try to eat them farm fresh if possible and not cut and stored.


• Acting on the recommendations of my doctor [4]


On the advice of my doctor, I have augmented my intake of vitamin C fruits and vegetables along with LimceeVitamin Chewable 500 mg tablet. Honestly, it has helped me. I will continue to #BoostImmunityWithLimcee. This is the most important element of my fitness mantra. 


I trust all of you are ensuring your vitamin C intake. Consult a doctor or physician if there is a need and do take their advice seriously. Wishing you all good health always.






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