Wednesday 22 September 2021

Ten values we must ingrain in our kids

As parents the most important responsibility we have, above everything else, is to make our kid a good human being first. I am sure you will agree, it is to a great extend in our hands what kind of individuals our kids grow up into and how strong a character they possess. I have thus written 10 commandments for my son to follow religiously and have displayed them on his study table. Every time he gets to read this I am sure he interprets it to add value to himself. Slowly and gradually these shall get engrained permanently in his brain. Today, I decided to share them with you because I feel they are really very important. Do communicate these to your little ones who are wiser than you think😊

1. Have a compassionate heart, try to help others 


First and foremost teach your children kindness. Their heart must naturally yearn to help some one in need. That is the first humane value all of us must possess. The better way of teaching them compassion is by practising it yourself at all times and lead by example. What they see is what they learn the most.

2. Always respect everyone and talk politely with them particularly your parents 

Respect for every one whether it is their parents, elderly, the house-helps, drivers, gaurds etc. shall embed in them the feeling of equality early on. Also if he is a boy, he must particularly know that he is suppose to always respect girls, be friendly with them and also respect their boundaries and if she is a girl she must ensure no one is doing anything to her that deprives her of her respect or self esteem. Please do talk,  talk and talk to your kids about this, there is no better investment you can make in them, than your time.

3. Never laugh at anyone 

When the online schooling commenced a year and a half ago, I saw my kid’s Whatsapp group friends(group) made a lot of fun of others which I did not want my son to absorb and I had to yearn really hard to make him understand what’s right and wrong and how we must choose our friends wisely. Unfortunately laughing at others and back biting is human tendency, we need to help our kids train their minds against it early on. My son now sees how the other four fingers are laughing at him when he points one to laugh at anyone else and so is wary to do the same.

4. Never give up, come what may

Kids are inexperienced, innocent and naive, any kind of pressure, small or big, can overwhelm them. We have to inculcate in them gradually that adverse circumstances may arise but they have to learn to take them all in their stride.  Tell them not to panic in any situation, just deep breathe and think what can be the best solution to their problems. They will soon learn to sail out of them with right guidance. 

5. Be honest with yourself 

Often children may resort to lying as this gives an immediate solution to their problem without bothering about the long term results. I use various stories to make kiddo understand how first of all we must be honest with ourselves. We will get a good night’s sleep if we will be true or honest to ourselves always. It might be difficult to follow but in the long run honesty is the best policy and it strengthens your character like nothing else.

6. If something bothers you, talk about it to someone wise and trustable 

Particularly in these COVID times most children are confined indoors and if they are single or live in a nuclear set up chances are more that they may face troubling times or feel stressed and anxious about a particular situation. I understand it becomes very difficult to communicate when you feel bad but we have to become their friends in such a way that if faced with a difficult circumstance they chose you or a trustable confidant like their grandparents or teacher to sort out their feelings at the earliest.

7. Never let a stranger fool you or cause you any harm 

Children can easily get into the trap of a sweet talking stranger or even an acquaintance, in the unsafe era that we unfortunately live in, the little ones must be taught this as early as it can be. Also, whether a girl or a boy, groom them gently into identifying what is good and bad touch. Also, give them age appropriate sex education with precisely as much details as their tiny brains can process.

8. Give yourself a happy(pep)talk if feeling low 

I am a strong advocate of self motivation as no one else can lift you up like you yourself can, for this I self talk and pep myself up whenever I feel low, would love out children to adopt the same practice too. Just look at the mirror and talk to yourself pouring your heart candidly out. Motivate yourself, smile and indulge in your passion.

8. You are defined by how nice a person you are, not the marks you get in exams 

Can I agree more to this one. Often in the mad race to make our kids a topper or a sports champion or an ace orator we forget that we have to be first their guiding light to become a good charactered person because that is more  important than anything else. Please don’t make exams a matter of life and death. Do read my post on this here.

10. Make your own timetable and keep at least one hour for something creative that you live doing the most 

Never spoon feed your child and make them forcibly do what you seem is right rather train them for independence, hold them when they falter and guide them only when the need be. Let life be a beautiful journey each day for them where they evolve gradually and learn to stand firmly on their feet. Let them plan their day, do something creative that they love, interact with their peers and have a command over their life from early on with you vetting at each step that they don’t lose focus of the right direction.

This was Truly Yours Roma, sharing her parenting experience, would love to hear if you relate ♥️.

Truly Yours Roma

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