Thursday 30 September 2021

Can’t keep calm, it’s my birthday month #Selflove

How can I keep calm

It’s my birthday month 

I know not why but this time around the year 

I always turn into a baby 

Mostly the preparations start well ahead 

For I love basking in the joy

I pick my gifts too, well in advance 

And this time I chose to gift myself the happiness of a lifetime 

Yes, a trip to the mountains does the trick 

It is as if a piece of my heart lives there 

Whenever I hit my lowest 

They act as my magic pill always 

Nature is more than therapeutic to me 

I miss my life in lush green outskirts of Pune 

Now living in the concrete jungle of Delhi

My soul feels trapped and confined 

Sorry I got swayed away 

Won’t let an iota of sadness creep in

That’s the promise to self as this birthday I ring in

Working meticulously towards soulfully happy indulgence 

You know what I did 

I finally gifted myself an exhaustive bucket list 

And before I could make it 

I have already started ticking off things from it 

What pure joy it is

To desire to do something you never dreamt of 

When you pull off such amazing stuff with grace 

You thought you would never ever try 

It is the happiness of those moments 

That pesters you to keep merrily sailing on and on

Experiencing the new is what I have now dedicated my life to

Routine and monotonous are abandoned now on 

Let’s see what it takes 

The thought itself gives me an adrenaline rush 

Our life is a precious gift from God

Why waste it over trifle stuff 

Do what gives true contentment to your heart

And this thought is my gift to myself this birthday 

Your life is how you choose to weave it

And happiness is all I now wish to embrace 

I am sure sad moments shall come 

To balance on the fun 

I will then let the memories of good times 

Aid me to sail through the tough ones 

My mantra from now on is to train my mind 

To overlook the sickness and moments sad

Be very selective about my life 

Happiness this birthday I gift myself 

Truly Yours Roma

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