Monday 24 May 2021

United We Can


Once upon a time, I loved to smile 

But today I have forgotten how to...  

My soul is anxious and cries day and night 

And I know of no means by which I can pacify it 

What I had seen in the last month and a half 

Has broken my heart into a million parts 

The heart-wrenching cries on phone calls for help 

To arrange for oxygen or for a hospital bed

The helplessness that kept us awake whole nights

Praying was the last resort we realized 

But it didn’t help either 

Perhaps God helps those who help themselves 

And we have never been more helpless 

Those were the darkest nights of our lives 

No matter how hard we tried, the second wave broke our confidence 

I lost my best friend, my sister lost her spouse 

I knew not whether to wipe her tears first or mine 

Till today I don’t know how to look into her or her little daughter’s eyes 

No words can ever describe

The pain these dreadful COVID times have caused 

The wounds and scars can never be healed 

 But let us at least give it a try I feel 

Without any judgments 

As best as each one of us can 

There’s no other way 

Then to collect together the broken pieces of our heart 

United we can lift every soul

By lending a hand to everyone in need 

Let all the human divides perish forever 

And only humanity survive 

Let’s open our heart and souls 

Embracing the world as our family 

To do the least

Pay your employees 

Whether their work has resumed or not 

Let us first save lives 

There will be enough times in the future to earn 

Let us today save those impoverished hands

Who had worked for us for years 

As our staff, help, gardener or driver 

Compassion is what sets us human beings aside 

Today is the biggest test of our humane side 

Feed the hungry if you can 

There is no bigger karma

Remember unity is strength 

In the toughest times, let’s exhibit this right 

Maybe we still can’t defeat the virus 

But #Unitedwecan diminish its power 

Let’s spread awareness and love 

Food, medicine, and mental support 

To each his own 

Discover ways how you can 

Bring back a smile 

Long lost in the pandemic’s turmoil 

My eyes are moist 

But my heart still is hopeful 

It still has hope 

Things shall turn around

We will be able to abate the third wave 

With vaccination and strong planning at the individual end 

Remember it calls for each one of us 

coming together 

#UnitedWeCan certainly end the pandemic era 

'This poem is a part of #CauseaChatter Initiative by Blogchatter'

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