Wednesday 2 June 2021

Five tips for supporting STEM education for elementary students during virtual learning

STEM education helps kids understand the practical aspects of their subjects. Read on to know some tips to support STEM by planning kids' activities at home.


Digital evolution began in the last decade, and it is growing every day; innovation has happened in every field and has become a part of human life. Similarly, the most significant advancement in the educational field is the STEM education approach. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.




Set up the house for e-learning

The importance of STEM education should be realized as soon as possible, and it should be induced in the education system from the elementary level. It is because, in the early years, a kid’s brain works like a sponge to water for gaining knowledge. Equip your home with all things necessary for E-learning, as imparting STEM learning through the new technology is easy.




Make home a place for learning

Children are spending most of their time at home because of the raging pandemic. Therefore, it will be better if they learn at home. Along with teachers, parents play a major role in the child’s learning. They develop a questioning mind if parents respond to them correctly. And to make them confident and communicative, parents should also be with them in the activities and learning process.


Identify the child’s passion

STEM education focuses on the practical approach to teaching. When parents identify what their child likes the most, they can provide them with practical knowledge in that field more efficiently. For doing this, they should let their child explore various fields; it can be drawing, pottery, dance, etc. Plan fun activities for kids according to their interests.



Plan virtual visits to museums and similar places

Help the kids enjoy science experiments virtually. During this time of virtual learning, virtual visits to science museums, aquariums, techno-parks, kids’ science stations, etc., can be some places where the child’s development can flourish. Attending events like a live rocket launch, live streaming of lunar eclipse, etc. to invoke their interest in the subject.



Lockdown Life: Bring STEM to regular activities as well

No matter which activity parents are doing with their children, they should try to relate it with STEM. Like if the parents are cooking, they can try making children measure the cups and ingredients. This could assist in teaching mathematics to children.

In the same way, if parents are cleaning their home, let children explore the equipment to understand the technology in them. These little things will gradually develop their mindset.


STEM education is important for children, and for improved understanding, it is better to inculcate it from the early years. To make learning fun, parents can enroll them in more than forty-five programs on Yellow Class. Step-up and STEM up!



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