Saturday 22 May 2021

How Much Water Should Your Child Drink Daily?


Often parents focus more on feeding the child healthy food. On the contrary, many people forget the need to check the amount of water that the child is drinking. Similar to adults, children also need an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated. So, it is the parent’s responsibility to motivate the kids to drink a good amount of water every day. 

How Much Water Should Your Child Drink Daily?

The daily water consumption of a child will depend upon several factors like sex, age, and weight. Apart from these physical factors, factors such as humidity and regular activities also matter. When you ask for the amount of water, it is not just the glasses of water that the kid is drinking. The water content of fruits or other food also adds up to this. 


Here is a list that states approximately the amount of water that kids need to drink at different ages. 


● Infants till the age of 2 years can drink at least 1 cup of water a day. This amount can slowly increase to 5 cups a day till the age of 4 years. 
● Girls and boys of 4 to 8 years should consume around 7 cups of water in a day.
● Girls between the age of 9 to 13 years should consume 9 cups of water, while boys of the same age should drink 10 cups of water a day.
● Girls who belong to the age group of 14 to 18 years should drink 10 cups while the boys of the same age group should be drinking 14 cups of water a day.


1 Cup = appx. 250 ml.

What are the Signs of Dehydration in Children?

If the requirement mentioned above is not maintained, signs of dehydration can soon be noticed in the children. 

Mild Signs of Dehydration in Children

● The child will play lesser than usual
● The frequency of urination will be less
● Dry mouth
● When the child cries, tears may also get less
● Sunken spot on the toddler’s head
● Decrease in the bowel movement

Severe Signs of Dehydration in Children

● Very less urination throughout the day
● Wrinkles on skin
● Discolored feet and hands
● Fussy behavior
● Sunken eyes with excessive sleep

What are the Best Ways to Keep Your Child Hydrated?

It is quite difficult, of course, to check whether your child is hydrated enough or not. But here are some amazing ways to keep your child hydrated.

● Note the Cups

This is the most common method. You need to keep an eye on the number of water cups the kid is drinking

● Remind Regularly

It may happen that by the time the child has got thirsty, dehydration has already started. Hence, it is important to remind the child to drink water every 2 hours to keep them hydrated. 

● Avoid Caffeine

Avoid offering sodas and other caffeinated drinks to the child. This may quench the thirst but will not hydrate the child. 

● Include Fruits and Vegetables

It is not just water that can keep your kid hydrated. You should also include a good amount of juicy fruits such as watermelon and oranges or leafy vegetables such as spinach with high water content. 

● Notice Symptoms

Keep an eye on the symptoms such as lesser frequency of urination or dark yellow pee and others that can be the first signs leading to dehydration. Immediately make the child drink water in different ways. 

How can you Encourage your Child to Drink More Water?

It can get really difficult to make your kid drink water regularly. Here are some of the ways that you can use to encourage your child to drink more water. 

● Make it Available

Some children drink more water when it is made available. So, you can fill bottles and keep them available in front of the kid. If you have a water purifier or a water cooler, keep the tap at a height that the kid can reach up to. 

● Include Some Fun

Offer them some funny straws or cups of their choice to make them drink more water. 

● Add Flavours

If the child does not drink plain water, you can add flavors to the water. By flavors, it does not mean the packaged ones. You can add natural fruity flavors such as lemon, peach, and others in this case. 

● Examples

Children copy their elders. Hence, you should set an example of drinking water regularly in front of them. This will encourage them to drink water at regular intervals,without much hassle. 


Children are fragile, and their health concerns can get too serious if you ignore them. One of the major problems can be dehydration. Hence, motivating them to drink water daily is very important. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to try different ways to make them drink water or other water content food items to stay hydrated and healthy.

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