Tuesday 7 January 2020

Commencing New Year in Style with a heart full of Gratitude

Happiest New Year Everyone! Really wanted to drop here earlier as it feels incomplete without wishing you all, an essential part of my life. Anyways better late than never 😊. So how are you all doing? Spent the new year night cozily in the blanket or partied hard to ring in the new decade? Well, this time we were in Delhi almost after a decade and decided to ring it the way we used to do in our pre-wedding days by dancing and partying to the new year tunes. The venue we chose was the Grand Ball Room in Radisson Blu Dwarka as it allowed our kid to party with us and enjoy the evening. It was a gala night with the Russian dancers keeping us company throughout and some amazing food and drinks. We danced well past the midnight as we were putting up in the same property and carved some precious memories. Though the crowd and the mismanagement by the staff baffled us, but let’s keep that review for some other day not in my first post of the year.  

2nd January again marked some celebrations on account of mister husband’s birthday and we were very keen on making it extra special this year. Glad we could do our bit for the silent man of the house who only believes in giving to others. Thus had a fun packed New Year and his birthday bash.

As if that was not enough, yesterday we decided to soak in some sun and continue our coveted heritage walk to Qutub Minar. The idea of having our kid with us too this time excited us even more. Most of the time we hit these places during our morning walks when he is in school. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon though we sincerely advice you to book your tickets online before going there on a weekend. We soaked in the sun as well as enjoyed our leisurely stroll at the picturesque site along with clicking loads of pictures. Playing hide and seek and running behind the squirrels was our most favourite part of the day. You all already know how I thrive on these little joys of life.

Came back terribly exhausted yesterday but was keen on writing to you all. I had picked up my favourite dairy and pen to jot the same when a ping from a dear friend made my day. My blog had yet again made to the Top 250 Indian Blogs and there couldn’t have been a better New Year Gift honestly. My heart is so overwhelmed with gratitude, there undoubtedly wasn’t a better way to commence the new decade in style, for a writer like me. It is so motivating.

Last few months I had been missing my academy in Pune, I didn’t realise my how my students there have become such a vital part of my life. Though I am connected with almost all of them and am still taking online sessions a personal connect of meeting in person is missed so badly and had made me feel empty at times. I miss my friends there, my yoga sessions, my yoga sessions and it is still a while to forge new lifelong friendships here in Delhi. 

But things have begun to look good. I have lot of beautiful decade old memories of this place which are worth reliving. Also, there are lots of colleagues and friends to be dug out and met again. So actually while there is no specific New Year Resolution and Goals, after stressful extreme pollution and extremely cold winter, my aim this year is to build our new abode here and feel more settled. I also intend to write exhaustively on women's health and create as much awareness as I can for I feel women's health is a crucial often ignored dimension of women empowerment in our country.

Another strong feeling which is doing rounds to my brain repeatedly is a premonition of something big that’s going to happen this year. I have no clue what exactly it is but whenever I have had such intuition in the past it has always turned true. I am both amused and excited to know if there is something new really destined for me this year but all I can do is wait and watch. Do you have such premonitions too?

Well, I end this page of my online diary here today and will write back to you soon 😊
Truly Yours Roma

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