Friday 10 January 2020

Child’s nutrition & his mental health are connected: 5 Vital Tips #GrowRight

I have been meaning to write this for a long time. As a mother, the amount of pressure that the tiny kids face in today’s era, baffles me. Almost every parent intends to prepare his child to outperform not only in academics but in extracurricular activities too. But what we forget in this endeavour of ours is that amidst all this, our little precious ones are subjected to a lot of mental stress which in turn may make them lose their appetite and trigger mental health issues in them. Lack of proper nutrition due to this may further lead to issues like Attention Deficit Disorder and as the anxiety further builds on, one may get trapped in a vicious circle which is not a good sign. Thus, today I bring to you five key points on how to take care of a child's mental health in India.

  1. Proper Nutrition plays a Pivotal Role in securing Good Mental Health of a child: It is important that our kid’s diet contains all the essential nutrients for appropriate brain development which controls our mental health. This becomes significant as most of the brain development takes place in the early years of a child’s life. Proteins, vitamins and minerals, fibers, carbs and fats all are essential for our children but how to ensure they get it all can be the biggest worry. One sure shot way of ensuring my kid receives all 37 vital nutrients needed for his sound mental as well physical growth is giving him PediaSure once a day as recommended by my paediatrician. This makes me rest assured I have not missed on anything as the little one often gets back the lunch box untouched.

2. Make your home a de-stressing zone for the kid: Making our home a happy place for our little peanuts can really work wonders. Greet them with smiles and hugs when they come back from school. Talk to them about what the best part of the day at school was when they eat and drink. Describing to you happily what happened will de-stress and aid release of happy hormones in them.

3. Inculcate love for music and fine arts: Listen to music, dance together or get into art and craft with your kiddo for an hour at least each day. These aid the toddlers and elder kids to relax and rejuvenate and are very good for their mental health. Combine fruit time here, woven in as a game. We often try our hands at new things and baking and enjoying the rich PediaSure almond cookies is a current favourite pass-time. 

At no time forget that proper nutrition and sound mental health have a huge connection so weaving them together intelligently works.

4. Valuable free play: A child needs minimum three hours** of play every day. Please make sure your kid gets free play time everyday even in exams. It is crucial for his independence and time management skills too. Let them enjoy their childhood and innocence and apply their brains to utilise their free play time their way. It is vital to their mental peace.

5. Amalgamate Breaks and surprises: Stress builds in kids in routine monotonous lengthy school hours coupled with loads of homework back home. So in our home we plan an optimal number of weekend breaks and surprise travels with the kid to farms etc. where the kid can enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits along with learning and enjoying and yes de-stressing too. In travel again, my perennial companion is PediaSure which ensures all is well on the kid’s nutrient intake front. The Grow Right Charter from PediaSure is a great guide in ensuring all these measures work together to let my kiddo grow in a healthy, safe environment.

**Grow Right Charter of PediaSure

Truly Yours Roma

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