Friday 22 November 2019

Goal Setting for #2020 : Five Interesting Leads

The last decade passed in the blink of an eye and I am so overwhelmed to bid it goodbye with a heart full of gratitude and welcome the new year and the new decade with an open heart and soul embracing diverse dreams and far reaching goals. Well, life is a roller coaster whether or not you feel the gone by years have done justice to you, either way they motivate you to set goals for your radiant future. If happiness or success or satisfaction has evaded you so far, it is high time you chuck a fool proof plan to rise and shine and if you are already are in a wonderful space with regards to your dreams can there be a better time to soar higher and higher. 

Why is it vital for us, human beings,  to have goals? Well, our goals and ambitions are what separate us from other living beings. So whether we are the prime minister of India, a fruit seller, a stay at home mom or a entrepreneur we must always have goals, goals which are realistic, challenging yet achievable and above all tangible or measurable. Normally the start of a new year is considered a good time to set goals but the choice is absolutely yours. If you still haven’t thought about it, let’s make it simpler and interesting for you in five simple ways. Ask the following five questions to yourself...

  1. What is my current identity, what do I need to add to it? 

Take a piece of paper or your phone and write on it your current identity, if you are a mom and wife and a blogger or teacher or influencer, focus your energies to visualise how would you like to enhance it whether you will like to grow it to become a solopreneur or may be an author or whatever you think you are best suited for and will make you financially and emotionally more stable and independent even by a whisker. That will thus give you your main goal for 2020 which will be called your operational goal on which you must act now. It will be fantastic if you can also envision your long term strategic goals now and jot them down for a visual reminder whenever you loose track. Trust me it works wonders.

  1. What is unique to me, have I done justice to it?

Write down next what is the most unique talent you possess which is your passion and gives you crazy satisfaction like you might be a great baker or very good with homemade beauty products or a fantastic orator etc. Now,  evaluate how much justice have you done to it in everyday hustle bustle of life in recent times. There can be a great startup idea here buddy just churn your brain, dream big and align the goal you set here with a strong will to turn the tide of time in your favour. I didn’t know the day I used to put my heartfelt titbits on FB that one day I will have published 4 books. 

  1. In what way can I make myself better in 2020 than what I was in 1919?

Third write in a nutshell how you felt you were in the gone year, now write how can you be better. For e.g. if 2019 was a difficult year for me recuperating from a major surgery, in 2020 I must have stringent health goals to not let my condition deteriorate again. Not only that how can I make others aware that their disease doesn’t reach the last stage like mine can be another goal of mine as a social influencer to whom community help gives a different kind of high no matter how small it is. This was just an example. You have to set your goals in such a way that you get better than your previous self in the last year. Simple, right ?

  1. Do you feel it is the right time to embark on a new venture? 

Some extremely talented women embark on their most ambitious ventures at the advent of 40s as they say this is the time they get free from parental duty stuff and have ample of time for themselves. The midlife crisis often shapes up a brilliant future so if you too have a dormant dream your time is now. Set goals, give it a try, even if you fail at least you tried and I am sure eventually you will succeed too.

  1. Have I missed out on something in life big time? 

Sometimes we experience a void but fail to realize what it is, it is that feeling in not accomplishing your dreams and giving it up for family’s sake. But who is stopping you now. Times are most conducive too. Muster your courage seek family or friends support or do it on your own, set goals girl. This is an era of Women Empowerment, your time is now. It’s now or never!

Truly Yours Roma

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