Wednesday 22 January 2020

5 Unique Ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

valentine's Day celebration ways

Undoubtedly with Valentine’s Day approaching, love is in the air and I totally believe we must grab as many chances as possible,  to celebrate love in our lives and I insist with all our loved ones. Honestly, Valentine’s Day is a festival in our home and has always been extra special for us no matter how the world chooses to judge it. I celebrate it with the love of my life cum my husband cum my bestie of over two decades (all of them are the same guy) and my little waala valentine, my sonny boy, making time for both individually as well together for all three of us..trying to make it unique in my own small way each year and today am sharing with you some cool ideas hoping they spice up your celebrations of love too without drilling a hole in your pocket with expensive gifts.

1. Heart theme deco and letters

Buy some pretty flowers like jasmine or any other flower of your choice and make heart-shaped flower rangolis with them in chosen nooks and corners of your home(remember not to overdo them, they must express your pure love). This little surprise will light up the day of your love and bring the most cherished smile on his face. Also cut colored paper sheets in heart shape and leave out of the box love notes or doodles, with a touch of humor or romance or simply tender love, in them,  hidden at unexpected places like the pocket of his trouser or the pencil case of your kid.

2. Scented candlelight date at midnight

Do up a very special place in your home (an attic or study where you won’t be disturbed) with some exotic scented candles and some wine or whatever you both love and a tiny cake. Hint your partner to meet you at 12 all dressed up. Slip into his favorite dress and spend some wonderful we time amidst the romantic candlelight and mesmerizing perfumes at the stroke of midnight. Trust me these precious moments will truly ignite the passion which the moms and dads in us miss. Use the same table to enjoy a special lunch with your kid in the afternoon after he or she is back from school and express your love with their favorite food for the cute little angels of our life. 

3. Bake your heart in heart-shaped cupcakes

If you enjoy baking, try making some yum cupcakes with heart-shaped icing in multiple hues and put in hubby’s and kid’s lunch boxes as a surprise. You can also get it baked from a home baker nearby. Another idea could be writing some adorable messages on the cupcakes itself. I once wrote a valentine poem for my man on the heart-shaped cake on this day a few years back and it read and tasted so delicious 😊

4. A cozy and secluded movie date

When you are thinking of unique gifting options thorough research often helps. In my quest for the same, I landed on a super rocking movie date venue known as Director’s Cut. It was pricey at weekends but the weekdays and the morning shows were pocket friendly options that too with the least crowd. I did an advance booking much earlier and it turned out to be a worthwhile experience. Cozily enjoying the movie in the blanket with your love and the best dark chocolate on earth was truly an enchanting experience. Something on these lines can always be worked out.

5. A trip to the mountains or a lush green place

I and my husband met in Pantnagar and our love bloomed in Nainital. We have a memory associated with almost every place there. Thus given a chance on special days like this, we love to drive to the mountains there and live each moment again with a smile. The face of our love, our little sunshine enjoys the trip too as we narrate to him tiny anecdotes from mom dad’s life. The idea is you don’t need an exotic dinner date or a expensive gift to celebrate this special day just go to a serene place nearby you love and hold each other’s hand. Talk, smile, share leaving behind all worries. No matter how cliched this sounds, every human being needs that touch, those priceless smiles and an occasional expression of true love seen in the eyes of our partner. Don’t you agree? Watching a sunrise or a sunset together marveling at Mother Nature and professing your love will be as eternal as them comes as the most soothing reminder to your better half. 

Well, In my opinion, we must celebrate love each day and thus every day is Valentine’s Day. You may use any of the above ideas to beat monotonous everyday life any day why wait for 14th February. These are some of the ways in which the diehard romantic in me keeps the flame burning, I hope you find them worthy. Do write to me if you could use any of these in your celebrations and will love to feature you 😊.
Truly Yours Roma

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