Sunday 3 February 2019

5 Reasons Every Indian Must Watch The Movie #UriTheSurgicalStrike (This Valentine's express your love to those who slog on the border so that we can be safe with our loved ones)

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review of uri, the surgical strike

February is a special month to us. Though our love story is now a rock solid two decades old, somehow we have managed to stay love birds and so you know that the Valentine month stands out of the rest. No no, I am not going to do here a lovey-dovey take on VD rather I wanna talk about our love for everyone and that is how we have always believed it to be. Love is a feeling which remains as fresh as red roses irrespective of time and during this month we celebrate our love for all. The very purpose for which Valentine’s Day is celebrated as a tribute to St. Valentine. 

This year too we commenced the Valentine month in style by spending the weekend with lots of fun and frolic and the best thing we did was watch the movie ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’which turned out to be a perfect date. Earnestly, we have been trying for it for the last three weekends but yesterday was the day we were destined to watch this soul-stirring and heartwarming flick which left us overwhelmed as I decided to begin my Valentine Posts Series with the tribute to the most important people of our lives whom we rarely remember - the army men who slog at the borders for our safety. This movie Uri does exactly that to you and here I enumerate the five reasons why you can’t miss this one. 

  1. Kept it Real: If you are a real cinema fan, without acute dramatization and wanna hear a beautiful story weaved responsibly and impact-fully you must watch Uri. I loved it for its simplicity and a profound inspirational message.

  1. Appeases our patriotic heart: Most Indians live with their motherlands in their hearts and no matter how much they are able to contribute, they love their country. For every concerned countryman who feels hurt by Pakistan’s constant terrorist attacks and the plight of the affected states, you must watch this to realize what we are capable of. I am one such Indian whose heart yearns to teach them an appropriate lesson and Uri just took my heart away.

  1. Soldiers have responsibilities too back home: Just imagine how life sometimes takes a toll on us and we are unable to cope up despite having support, it is the same for our esteemed army men whose family back home struggles and so do they but still, they put their motherland on priority. Their lives and often martyrdom needs a billion tributes from all of us. The words of the entire universe put together can't justify our heart's gratefulness.

  1. To inspire our children: This generation kids are total gadget geeks and the understanding of love for one’s motherland doesn’t come naturally to them. Watch this inspirational flick with your kids and discuss with them minute tit-bits and you will be instilling in them, exactly what is desired.

  1. They owe our love and gratitude: The least we can do for these courageous souls is to bow our head in reverence to them. The movie grips you with this sentiment with heart-touching performances by Vicky Kaushal, Mansi Parekh, Mohit Raina, and the supporting cast. 

Inspired by the real series of incidents, the subject is dealt with appreciably in Uri: The Surgical Strike by the debutante writer-director Aditya Dhar and kudos to him for the realistic weaving of this impressive tale.

Truly Yours Roma rates it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ with a proud heart. Why not make this Valentine special by watching this earnest tribute to our real heroes and express our abundant love to them💗?
review of uri, the surgical strike

Truly Yours Roma

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