Wednesday 31 July 2019

5 Beautiful Temples You Can’t Afford To Miss In Goa

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I first visited Goa with my mum dad and brother in my teens and need I say it was love at first sight when I saw the beautiful island from my aircraft before touching down. Next I visited the land of ethereal beaches with my husband post our wedding and the love only grew fonder and deeper. For the past many years it has almost become our second home and we visit it at least twice in a year. I have already written about its best beaches, properties reviews, eateries but today I wanted to show you the offbeat divine side of Goa which is very close to my heart, the five priceless temples , the hidden gems, you can’t afford to miss. If you are a vivid cultures' enthusiast and have a devotional vein you will definitely strike a chord with these.

1. Shri Mahalakshmi Temple: This historical marvel constructed in 1413 is the one of the most visited temples in Goa, I visited it in Navratri and the opulence and grandeur with which they are celebrated here were awesome. We had a great time soaking ourselves in the mixed culture celebrations, when one of the idols of Mahalakshmi were taken out on a chariot on the auspicious occasion of RamNavmi. It was a pleasure seeing this divine side of Goa. It was about 22 kms from Panjim and we drive there by our personal car. 

2. Shanta Durga Temple:  Again near Panjim, I particularly liked this relatively recently constructed temple( constructed in 1966 though its laterite mud shrine was built in 1738) because of the fusion of Indo Portuguese architecture in its design. We loved the entire large temple complex built at the foothills of Kavalem Village in Ponda and dedicated to Goddess Shanta Durga. Do check out the interesting tale behind this gorgeous monument, when you visit there.

3. Mangeshi Temple: 21 kms from Goan Capital, Panjim, this undoubtedly is one of the really adorable temples of the state dedicated to Lord Manguesh. Shifted here by Marathas, this temple is one of the most famous in the state. A word of caution here is, before visiting this place, please do check online its dress code and clad yourself accordingly.

4. Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple: This one is perhaps the oldest temple in Goa, loved its ambiance, spiritual vibe and abundance of Mother Nature surrounding it. Everything about it is divine including the Shivlinga inside. This site is now declared a protected monument. Lord Shiva devotees gather here in large numbers during Mahashivratri and soak themselves in the ethereal joys of devotion.

5. Shri Saptakoteshwar Temple: Located in Konkan, I visited this temple in monsoons and loved its mesmerising one of its kind architecture which has hues of Mughal and Europeans cultures. It is an absolute must visit and even better if you can visit it on Gokulashtami. It is a temple with a great historical past worth knowing about.

So, it’s a half truth that Goa is all about, only sun and sand and seafood, there is also a rich, prestigious, multi-cultural historical treasure this state keeps hidden within. Do explore it the next time you hit Goa and I am sure you will find the hours you invest worthwhile! 

Truly Yours Roma

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