Saturday 23 March 2019

Baby colic - what it is, why it happens and what best you can do to relieve it?

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Colic is a monster which scares quite a few moms and more so the new moms who panic seeing their otherwise perfectly playful and happy child wailing inconsolably for hours every day around the same time. I know how it feels, have been there, know it all and trust me it is much more nerve-wracking than how it sounds here and many devastated new mums and dads rush to the Paediatricians over and over again to find a solution or for the diagnosis of an underlying medical condition. But as a mom, based on my own experience, I believe that it just needs symptomatic relief and goes away as the baby grows up.

One of five babies suffers from colic. The cause of colic is widely believed to be stomach related. A colicky baby cries very bitterly because of a tummy ache caused by a gastric condition, constipation, indigestion or acidity. This lasts for a few hours and leaves both the infant and the primary care giver thoroughly distressed and drained

To help parents cope with this kind of a physical and emotional upheaval with their new born, #MotherSparsh has come up with a #100%Ayurvedic#TummyRollOn to soothe the little precious’ tummy and relieve his/her pain.

It is a revolutionary product in my eyes and it based on a #TraditionalHomeRemedy

The main ingredients of this #MotherSparshRollOn are Hing Oil, Pudina Oil, Sonth Oil, Saunf Oil and Sova Oil. All the 5 ingredients have selective medicinal properties which are instrumental in giving the baby #ColicRelief. You just need to apply it around the naval area to get back your #HappyBaby. You will recall how traditionally our moms used their indigenous #HingRollon (warmed hingwrapped in a cloth) to soothe our Tommy aches. Mother Sparsh brings the same Sparsh of a mother to this vital product with many more additional benefits aiming at#ColicfreeBaby.

colic solution

Now I enumerate to you quickly why I developed an instant inclination towards this #Babycareproduct.

1. 100% Natural: It is made of 100% natural Ayurvedic ingredients so is solely meant to relieve the colic a baby suffers due to flatulence and indigestion issues.

2.Chemical free: I need not worry about the side effects the Chemicals used in the product will have on my little peanut as it does not have any chemical at all.

3.Infant’s skin friendly: We all know that how sensitive an infant’s skin is, using a totally natural and toxins free product like Mother Sparsh tummy roll onensures no allergic reactions to the little one’s skin.

4.Handy and user-friendly product: Sometimes trying to comfort a colicky baby can get on your nerves and you might find it difficult to put him down, that’s the time this roll on kept on the side table can be immediately applied and let the baby relax.

5.It relieves the new parent as well: A #HappyTummyHappyBaby by using this product also helps the parents to get rid of their anxiety and the pain which the child’s colic brings to them.

You can buy this product here:

I trust you will like this product as much as I did folks. See you soon with another vital post. Till then, happy #parenting 

Well, I have another good news for you, now you can also buy Mother Sparsh’s Infant Care Kit which has both Roll on and Wipes for your little bundle of joy which you can buy here.

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