Thursday 9 August 2018

5 Top #Bollywood #Movies of 2017-18 That Appeased The Moviegoer In Me

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 5 Top Bollywood #Movies of 2018

I believe in meaningful entertaining cinema and I am so proud Bollywood is now embracing strong subjects with wide arms and is not showing any aversions to taking all the risk of the universe to make and promote a movie on a subject they strongly believe in. The result is overwhelming love and appreciation from the audience who themselves have evolved over the period.

If you go by the verdict of a common woman, so far late 2017 and early 2018 has been a fantastic time for an ardent movie lover in me, who loves to spend her money for getting entertained by powerful, meaningful and entertaining cinema. I have enjoyed these valuable movies as an audience who emotes with the character of the movies, as a mom, who has long waited for movies like this to come more often so that she can merrily tuck along her child to get strong values of humanity get embedded in him passively as he enjoys his popcorn and as a proud citizen of our mother nation who desires her country to rise and shine beyond all odds.

Below I have curated a list of my chosen best five films of 2017-18, from among a couple more which I have really appreciated but they miss to be here just by a trifle margin.

1. Secret Superstar: What a fabulous visualization of how far a mother can go in making her little precious, her daughter, fulfill her dreams. Can there be a better gift we can give our children then giving them wings to make their dreams come true. This was such a candid and sensitive portrayal by director Advait Chandan of mom-daughter duo played by Zaira Wasim(daughter) and Meher Vij(mom), I absolutely loved it to the core and felt the emotions deep within. Hats Off to Aamir Khan Productions for bringing up the subject.

Secret Superstar Movie Review

2. Hichki: Well earnestly, I haven’t heard of Tourette Syndrome until I watched this superb movie which has combined an impending social issue of giving right to education to the children of weaker sections of society and the protagonist’s not getting an acceptance in the profession she wished to join because of her rare syndrome. It was absolute delight how the two complement each other and come out victorious in the end. Rani Mukherjee marveled as the lead star and I had valuable time with my kid watching this movie as well the above, in fact all five that I am enumerating here.

Hichki Movie Review

3. Raazi: Another strong subject and kudos to director Meghna Gulzar for choosing to adopt the novel ‘Calling Sehmat’ by Harinder Sikka inspired by real events into a movie. It is a story of patriotism of an Indian Spy who marries her daughter in Pakistan to continue his legacy and pull out vital information for their motherland. Alia Bhatt’s portrayal as this young girl is impeccable. Her dilemma between her love for her motherland and her naive and extremely loving husband is heart-wrenching and very relatable. A nice decently made movie, I recommend it as a must watch for every Indian whether you watch in a theater or a T.V. channel like Zee Cinema, Movies Ok, Zee, Sony Pix etc.

Raazi Movie Review

4. 102 Not Out: A beautiful tale of two fathers played by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor where the former plays latter‘s dad. How the dad brings back his son’s zeal to live life king size without letting him know his intentions is wit fully shown in this movie. Rishi Kapoor has stolen my heart for the sensitive and vulnerable portrayal of a dad who longs for his son who is settled abroad. Truly the legends made the movie all the more worthwhile.

102 Not Out Movie Review

5. Soorma: I went to watch this one on the behest of the two sports lover boys, mister husband and my little son and I am glad I did otherwise I would have never known the true tale of the legend Sandeep Singh.I guess Diljit Dosanjh was the most ideal choice for the lead role as an innocent and impulsive village lad who initially embraces hockey for his lady love. I was equally bowled over in sheer admiration by Angad Bedi who played his elder brother. A sweet and inspiring movie, an absolute must match( you can read my full review on this movie here). 

Soorma Movie Review

Please note that these films were my heart’s favorites and I have not judged and evaluated them on the technicalities and critical parameters but as a common man sorry woman who is a die-hard movie buff but of good cinema and who loves to express her opinion on anything and everything under the sun. I trust you would have loved these movies equally and if you haven’t watched them yet, you absolutely need to watch them soon😊.

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