Tuesday 25 December 2018

A Five Point Review Of The Most Innovative Baby Wipes By Mother Sparsh

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Review of Mother Sparsh Baby Views


Motherhood is no mean task and I am not saying this as random. After having worked in several global roles, I picked up this job and I know despite of being the best job on the earth, at times it can get on your nerves especially so if you are a new mommy. Your quest for providing your little joy with nothing short of the best almost feels perennial. Well, I can aid you in at least one of them as I present to you a straight from the horse’s mouth five point review of the Newly Launched #MotherSparshPremiumWipes. Let me begin with the exterior first.

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  1. Packaging: As I picked the #premiumbabywipes pack in my hand, I was amazed how my forever crisis of the baby wipes drying up as the paper seal on top of the pack lost its gum, was gone as the new pack has a plastic lock to keep the moisture content locked until we consume the last wipe and get value of the last penny of the money we spent in purchasing the same. I haven’t seen it yet in any other brands’ wipes and as we say well begun is half done. I was keen on evaluating them further.
  1. Quality: Well, while we all know that Mother Sparsh is a brand which works the closest to Mother Nature and its #ExtraGentlewipes are free from all harmful chemicals, Parabens and alcohol, they have further enhanced the product quality by making it with medicinal grade plant fibre, something absolutely ideal for even a newborn’s delicate and sensitive skin. I have felt the texture and feel of these #MedicalGradeFabric wipes and it is so soft and safe that it can also be used to wipe a baby’s mouth and hands.
  1. Fragrance: I have always felt that any fragrance has some potential in causing irritation to a baby’s skin. Well, I guess Mother Sparsh has heard my concern, for their new #UnscentedWaterWipes are absolutely odourless thus reducing the risk to zero. Need I say, these unscented water wipes are extremely tender to a baby’s skin.
  2. Thickness: Now comes another extremely relevant point, if you somehow felt that the baby wipes for your kiddo should be thicker, I am happy to share that the newly launched Mother Sparsh water wipes are three times thicker, enhancing their usability. These #ExtraThickBabyWipes are by far the thickest I had seen and I can really vouch for the usage experience they give not only to babies but for elder kids as well as for me too. I always keep their mini travel pack handy in my bag; they are my most welcome respite from the dust and dirt during travel.


5.Price: These value for money #Waterbasedwipes are modestly priced at 299 INR for 72 wipes which looks like a fair deal and affordable to an average income household. The stringent quality adherence justifies the cost. What do you say folks? Have you got a chance to try them yet?

Mother Sparsh to Mother Earth

Mother Sparsh Baby wipes has formulated the fabric with natural & organic contents which makes it 100% biodegradable. It helps to keep baby as well as Mother earth clean. This brand is safeguarding earth by avoiding use of synthetic material such as plastics & petrochemicals.

When there is a brand which understands its customers so well and constantly endeavours to innovate and enhance the user experience like Mother Sparsh, I am undoubtedly left impressed and with a satiated heart recommend it to all of you.

Truly Yours Roma

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