Tuesday 16 October 2018

Because Travel Is The Only Love I know, My Life Is A Musical Travelogue: #TheBlindList

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I have a beautiful dream 
To discover world’s every farthest town esteemed 

For, travel is the only love I know 
My life is a musical travelogue 

Indeed travel is the therapeutic music to my soul 
It soothes and satiates my heart and touches the strings of its softest core 

I was born with wheels on my feet 
A banker’s daughter who moved with bag and baggage every couple of years 

And I on a blind date with some new territory 
Had my adrenaline rushing in excitement and mystery 

Knew not when these blind dates became for me a way of life 
With a travel job, I further grew new wings to fly

Yeah, travel gives me a high, no shots of Tequila ever can. I was born to travel, I travelled first when I was three days old and my mum told me that I was such a ‘Ghummakad’ from my birth that I was ready to go with anyone who promised to take me out which she feared the most😀. Dad gave my love for travel the desired feathers for I had inherited the travel spree from him as he left no stone unturned to convert a small free time into a power-packed vacation for us. Thus by the time I was in my teens I had covered almost the whole of India..That was the beginning of my blind dates with the world and need I say I soaked in every ounce of enthusiasm and fervour these trips brought along. We weren’t rich but my dad has taught us how to live life king size and be happy and smiling always in whatever means we have and that one learning has stayed with me😊.

God was kind too or did I persuade him with my prayers..all the three organisations I worked with so far, Tata Motors, Honda Siel and Ikea of Sweden have conferred me ample of opportunities to travel to as many as 22 countries already. Of course, most were on the itinerary but some I had weaved in, out of my crazy desire to go fulfil my childhood dream of going on multiple blind dates with the world, my best half for this journey called life and they continue and it will be so until to this world I bid goodbye!

I was all a twenty-something when I took my first solo trip to Europe totally unaware of the cultures, the linguistic preferences, the weather, the food, the acceptance for browns and a plethora of other surprises that awaited to embrace me. But guess what, that was exactly what my childhood and adolescence has adapted and prepped me for. The nervousness on the new land gave me a familiar kick of befriending the mystery surrounding #theblindlist of places I was going to paint red with my smiles. All along the way, I have weaved precious memories, my treasure whose pleasures still tickles my heart and mesmerises my soul. The architectural heritage of Austria, the museums and palaces,  intrigued the little girl, who further covered Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland in the same trip and came back all enriched, ecstatic, elated and an ounce more confident. Of all the countries the most lessons I learnt was in Japan and this country will for err remain close to my heart. Travelling also taught me, to understand how minuscule is we in comparison to the entire world and I gradually learnt to view life vis a vis bigger scheme of things. I also learnt everything that we have today, shall pass, so make the most of every moment.....

Guess what, the man I married turned out to be an equal travel freak. He further inspired me to #SayYesToTheWorld and pull it into my arms, to move ahead unabashedly on a blind date to unknown territories. We get back in abundance what we give out to the universe, we decided to give our love, warmth and acceptance and our surprise destinations startled us with the same in infinite measures. I told my man I don’t want him to build a Taj Mahal(did he even had an intention to do that :D)for me rather let’s commence together a world tour, of course with #theblindlist , in bits and pieces if not all together. 

Glad that the journey began some years ago and our little one now feels the adrenaline rush on travel too

We are now a family on wheels
Flying to newer unknown destinations is our treat 

Bitten by the travel bug 
Smitten we are by #theblindlist charm

Daddy and sonny plan it all without mom knowing an iota
She is happy they are flying reliable Luftahansa

(Which aids them to plan to the Tee
Newer destinations in a way pocket-friendly)

For I am still that small girl 
Who loves when her heart beat faster 

In anticipation of the surprise 
Meticulously trying to deduce what time has in store 

Venice or Eiffel Tower
Budapest or the snow-capped Alps 

Or the beaches of Phuket 
Who would be her surprise date 

Isn’t it really beautiful to having partially fulfilled your dream
To discover world’s every farthest town esteemed 

Weaving unforgettable priceless memories 
On a blind date with the world extremes 

Because travel is the only love I know 
My life is a musical travelogue 

And when you know you have a beautiful video 
Which says it all, you have to share it below 👇👇

While the idea of this blind date with the world for me is an absolute yeah
Will you say a neigh or go for your traditional Bucketlist instead 

Your conspicuous smile says it all
This initiative sure with you too, strikes a chord 

Do let us know how the idea tickles your soul 
Check it out here, and maybe you win yourself a fantabulous tour ❤️


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