Tuesday 23 October 2018

Let Nothing In The World Stop You

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Let nothing in the world stop you, my love
Stand your ground as solid as a concrete wall

There will be days you will feel weak in your knees
When adverse circumstances will advent successively

When your planning fails
And your dreams seem to lose their trail

Give yourself time
Deep breathe and watch a beautiful morn’s  sunshine

Stay calm and give yourself a pep talk
Darling this too shall pass

You are a big girl now
No more mom and dad can shield you from a crowd

The habit may force you to seek shelter in your loved ones’ arms
And taking support for a moment has no harm

But I want you to stand on your feet firm
Face the situation head-on, be your our lucky charm

Life’s worth lies in being there for others
But also for yourself, love yourself, to yourself be kind and warm

Be unapologetic in loving yourself
There is no one who knows you like you do, as the pages of your life turn

Let nothing in the world stop you, my love,
Stay strong always, as solid as a concrete wall

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