Thursday 23 August 2018

#BookReview: ‘The Last Seychelles Flame’ by Medha Nagur

I am a happy go lucky girl who loves to live life queen size no matter how adverse the circumstances are. My sunshine smile and bubbling energy may ditch you in knowing the vast sea of distraught I may be in and I purposely do that. I love the world to smile with me and not sympathize with me until my last breath. I have hit my lowest in last few months health wise but I am now back with a bang recuperating well and ready to flood you with all the reviews of the books that I have read during this period and this one is about a con-temporary love story ‘The Last Seychelles Flame’ by Medha Nagur.

Feeling low, I was looking forward to a quick breezy read and being a small town girl myself I was instantly glued to this relatable tale of a small town girl Adrija. She was short and very ambitious like me and my interest picked as her story unraveled. I finished this book in one go and if it was author Medha’s maiden attempt at a fiction novella, I would give kudos to her as a reader.

Her protagonist who was brilliant behind the camera, with her hard work bags a prestigious job that takes her to Seychelles. Despite of a strong opposition from her parents she brings laurels to herself until something really catastrophic happens and takes her life for a toss as if her ex boyfriend was not enough to ruin her life. You must read this candid ebook to find out what was that? And did I say, I also liked the character of Omkar in this book, you have to read him to believe him!

I always love a combination of real and reel in the books I read and also in the books I myself pen. An ounce of reality multiples the impact of the book as the reader visualizes himself in these characters partially and is left digging for more. The fact that this books seamlessly weaves the harsh reality of Indian women in small town, whose dreams are crushed each day, in it made it really dear to me for it inspired them to fight for themselves and make big in life.

Since I am a sucker of love stories with happy evenings the end earns brownie points from me and I rate this eBook from the novice author 4 stars out of 5. You did a fantastic job, gal, keep rising and shining! This book was released in Blogchatter E book Carnival some months back and you can acquire a copy here.

About the Author: Medha Nagur is anything but a stereotypical homemaker, at home full time but mostly dazzling the blog world online! A freelance blogger by profession in her past life, she was on her maternity break when she started writing fiction. Medha considers herself a chronic creative aficionado who loves painting and writing. Once a lecturer in Science College, where she gave lectures in Computer Science soon after her Masters, was fascinated by the blog world and realized her love for the words and took up writing full time. She is also at her creative best when it comes to cooking ingenious dishes to cater to the needs of her 8 years old son, 1-year-old daughter and not to mention her epicure husband. Get the glimpse of my culinary art on Instagram. A music lover who likes to hit the floor on Zumba numbers is also a fashion enthusiast (like any woman on this planet!). She likes to be in the womb of nature when it comes to holidays, embracing its warmth, which she believes, is the gift to mankind. All in all, she is born to collect laughs and make a relentless commitment to love so that she can enjoy the life in abundance.

Book Blurb: A short girl with short hair, 32 years old and unmarried; Adrija has all the makings of being an unsuitable girl in an Indian middle-class family. And to top it all, she is feverishly keen on following her passion to become a top-ranked fashion photographer in the country! With unsupportive parents bent on crushing all her dreams and wanting her to get married, she dares to say "Yes" to a golden opportunity and lands up in the city of dreams- without much in her pockets but stars in her eyes and a camera in her hand! But as they say, destiny favours none! Just when she thinks that she is starting her dream journey as a Fashion Photographer, her ex-boyfriend returns with horrendous motives and tries to flip her life upside down. And amidst all the drama that unfolds, "Jabber Jackson", the funny guy whom she meets on her official trip to Seychelles, gets strangely entwined with her life and its chaos. Will she give up or fight for her desires or does destiny has its own plan in store for her?
The book is also available on Amazon here.

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