Sunday 26 August 2018

A Historical Fiction #BaajionZeeMarathi Is All Set To Enthrall You

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As an author and avid reader, historical fiction has always been my favorite genre. A mix of reel and real, has always appeased my heart a little more than the rest for I believe they leave me an ounce more enriched then my previous self, each time. Even the bedtime stories that I cook for the little one have mythological characters and setups weaved in them and.. I am left in awe that how the historical stories still find so much relevance to the present the peanut gradually drifts into the world of his dreams. I don’t know about him but for me yeah, these characters often play havoc in my dreams, until the truth and justice prevails. Weird, isn’t it๐Ÿ˜ƒ? But that’s how I am.

While my favorite pastime remains lying curled up with a charismatic book in the coziest corner of my home, I equally love to watch historical television shows inspired by the great history and culture of our esteemed motherland. Not only are these opulent costume dramas very insightful and entertaining, they are almost always worth watching with your family and spend some quality time together as we discuss the nuances. While the husband always has some unconventional thoughts on the subject matter, it is extremely heartening that the nine year old has also started making his contributions to the discussion.

Staying in Pune for so many years now, we have picked up an ardent love for Marathi cinema and television and it is only growing further with every passing day. Maharashtra is a wonderful state to live in with a truly inspiring historical past and now that we have picked up the language, we enjoy watching Marathi shows and movies all the more, particularly me. Lately, I saw the promo of the new show ‘Baaji’ being aired on Zee TV Marathi and was absolutely intrigued by the story life.

It is a historical fiction set up in the 18th century during the time Peshwai Empire was at it’s peak and thus was constantly under foreign invasion.The three lead characters of the fictional tale are Baaji, Shera and Heera. The title character is played by Abhijeet Shwetachandra who is portrayed as a brave warrior.

To overturn the magnanimous Peshwai, the British join hands with Nizams and send a spy Shera played by Prakhar Singh to end the Peshwas rule in exactly 100 days and this forms the main plot of the daily soap. The character of Shera looked quite interesting and it will undoubtedly be quite worthy to watch the story unfold.

There is also a love story brewing in the hindsight and I am enthralled to see the lovely Heera played by actress and eminent dancer Nupur Daithankar, a beautiful and strong woman. She looks gorgeous and graceful as Heera enticing and coaxing me further to check out how love blossoms and how consequential it is to the bigger picture of Baaji.

The three characters and the storyline, which is inspired by the style of noted Marathi writer G. N. Dandekar’s novels, looks extremely promising and definitely worth a watch. The show is being aired on Zee Marathi Monday to Saturday 10:30 p.m. 

If like me you too are a fan of this genre, this show is undoubtedly a must watch! You can know more about it on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram handles here♥️.

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