Monday 20 August 2018

7 Varieties of Exotic Green and Herbal Teas: Confessions of an Ardent Tea Lover

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I am an ardent tea lover, more specifically a green tea or herbal teas enthusiast and my extreme love for the same stems back to 2006 when I was working on an assignment with Honda Cars in Japan. To keep the freezing cold at bay, green tea came in our office taps to keep us warm and energetic during our grueling work hours and keep filling our mugs are regular intervals. That’s exactly when my quest for the most exotic teas began which has actually culminated with each passing day. With time I also realized that my own country is the largest source of some of the best teas in the world.

Till today this habit continues, I keep writing for long hours or taking sessions in my academy along with refilling my favorite cups tea with multiple health benefits and a taste to cherish 😊.

Recently, I got on my hands on a varied gamete of healthy premium teas from Teamonk. I had a wonderful experience satiating my heart and tongue with these seven delectable flavors, quite unique actually. Here’s a straight from the heart review on the Premium Tea Varieties from TeaMonk, Global.

1. Yakuso Tulsi Green Tea: I have always been in  awe of the health benefits of tulsi or holy basil leaves and it undoubtedly is an icing on the cake when combined with the wonderful effects of Green Tea and thus this one turned out to be my immediate favorite. The color, texture, aroma and taste speak volumes about this tea sourced from the finest tea gardens of Nilgiris and curated by Tea Monk on five health and wellness pillars-energy, detox, relax, glow and weight care. All the Teas come in pyramid shaped Tea bags and are abundant in antioxidants.

2. Koge Jasmine Green Tea: Imagine the divine jasmine fragrance infused in your hot cuppa green indeed has the power to evoke great creativity and good health in the most morose souls. This is my weekend cup of relaxation and soaking myself in the floral aromas of mother nature gives my heart ecstatic satiation like never before.

3. Reeti White Tea: This unconventional white tea comprising of the delicate Pak ho buds and tender leaves handpicked from pruned sections of Himalayas, is my latest addiction. I could somehow not ignore its umpteen health benefits. It is full of polyphenols, the rich antioxidants that strengthen and keep my body immuned and mind vitalized.

4. Bodh Second Flush Black Tea:ab A sip of this tea and I know instantly why it is a favorite of many eminent tea connoisseurs. It has a magic to charge you, revitalize and rejuvenate you, like never before on an otherwise tiring and very dull day.

5. Ahina Green Whole Leaf: Ahina meaning whole and complete in Sanskrit, this tea truly symbolizes wholeness. The tea leaves in it remain whole until they are brewed and this tea is a completely non-fermented tea. I can't weave it's rich taste in words, one has to sip it to fathom the hard work that has gone in picking them from the finest tea estates of Darjeeling.

6. Wa  Oolong Tea: This tea embraces goodness of both green and black teas and so just doubles both the supremely rich taste as well as health benefits. It is a very potent tool in your kitty when you want to serve something unique and beneficial to your guest or family.

7. Bhumi Assam Masala Tea: This tea has all the goodness and taste and flavor of the best that can soothe an Indian taste bud. With or without milk, it tastes magnificent. Whenever travelling out of India, I never forget to carry my Darjeeling in this tea, with me so that whenever I miss home, its aroma is right there to satiate me.

Earnestly I really liked all the premium flavors from Teamonk Global and if you are an exotic tea buff like me, you can't afford missing tasting these ones. I also find them an excellent gifting option for my overseas friends as a token from India, something truly indigenous and something we are extremely proud of as Indians.

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