Wednesday 18 July 2018

Weekend Getaways near #Mumbai #Pune: 5 Reasons Why You Must Go on a Long Drive to #Lonavala ( #Travel #Tales of Truly Yours Roma)

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I am a die-hard romantic and monsoon every year makes me freak out in utter delight. Especially the places around Mumbai-Pune come to life like never before as if God has just sprinkled the golden dust of lush green beauty to them and this beauty is only getting enhanced further by the constant drizzle. Oh! I love it, the smell of rains, getting soaked to skin and then savor a hot cup of coffee with something yum, listening to my favorite songs and life is heaven ♥️.

Monsoon is also the time I love to go on long drives to the weekend getaways near Pune and also Mumbai to make the most of the lovely weather. In this weekend getaways series I have already written to you about Lavasa, Diveagar, Kashid Beach in Alibagh and Imagica (check them out if you are planning a trip) and today I wish to share with you why you must not miss going on a long drive to Lonavala or for that matter any of the above weekend getaways, this rainy season.

First reason why I insist you drive down to Lonavala is the charm of the majestic mountains capped by lush green forests en route from where originate umpteen water falls making it a perfect picnic spot after every few hundred meters. Yes, you only have to see them to believe the marvel they transform into in the monsoons.

Two, around most of these waterfalls you will find a lip-smacking corn, bhajiya or a vada pav seller serving piping hot food in the cool weather, ready to serve you.Take frequent stops wherever you wish to, grab some tit-bits to eat and drink, let the cool breeze and drizzle caress your tresses and cheeks and soak yourself in mother nature’s utmost glory. 

I know you have already started imagining it and I can relate to the feeling, the travel freak in me has it everyday!

Last Saturday we decided to drive down to Lonavala, enjoying Kamshet and Bhaje Waterfalls and Caves and it really turned out to be a super weekend. From Pune City they are around sixty kilometers but from Hinjewadi where I stay they were nearer. It was raining heavily throughout and while we enjoyed the long drive S had to drive very carefully (something we have to be very vigilant about in monsoons).

Three, if you love trekking this is the best time to enjoy and discover new places. Park your car suitably and take a short trek before continuing your journey. We three, me, S and little A climbed the high peak upwards towards the beautiful Bhaje falls, the one you can see in the background of our below pic though it was extremely slippery but reaching the top and clicking in the pure white streams of water gushing down thunderously gave us a different kind of high. It was a wonderful workout for that day. 

Bhaje Waterfall

We sat in the waterfalls for sometime, water was cold but refreshing. However one needs to be very cautious at such places especially with small kids as the waterfall flows down with tremendous power, it almost took me away twice 😊. You may add the Bhaje/Bhaja caves nearby to your itinerary too, if you love historical places.

Lonavala Bhaje waterfalls

Four, you get some most gorgeous locations to capture in your camera if you are a photography wizard like me and yeah some priceless selfies too. This is probably to capture precious memories of a lifetime in your heart as well as your camera. A word of caution here, please either use water proof mobile phones or use them in waterproof covers so that water does not seeps in, I had to get my iPhone’s genuine parts replaced because I used it too liberally in water.

Travel Blogger

Fifth reason is Lonavala itself, which gives you plenty of places to visits like the Bhushi Dam, the Wax Museum, the Wet n Joy water park, Karla Caves etc. Lonavala is one such place where your destination is as lovely as the journey. If you wish to make a night stay, book your hotel/resort well in advance as monsoon in this small picturesque town are peak seasons, hence the prices are exorbitant and most good resorts are full in weekends. I am yet to try a Home-stay in Lonavala though, will add the #review here once I do. Otherwise, even a day trip can suffice the purpose, you can come back the same day, sip some hot beverage and doze off in your cozy bed after getting drenched in the rain multiple times during the day..getting your bed back is a heavenly feeling.

Sunny Da Dhabha and Tony da Dhabha are two great restaurants on this route, the Pune Mumbai Highway, where you get super yum food and can have some great family time with your loved ones.  I have eaten in both and can give them a straight nine on ten. Do remember to carry umbrellas and raincoats if you are not as wild as we are and would like to shower in rain and waterfalls. It is also advisable to keep a change for all of you in the car.

Do plan your next weekend, enjoy the long drive and unlimited weekend fun, monsoon is the time to hit it ♥️.

Truly Yours Roma sends loads of love your way to give you warmth during the cool monsoon!

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