Sunday 15 July 2018

#Review of #Movie #Soorma : Testimony of a Brother's Love to make his Sibling a Legend

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Review of Movie Soorma

Over the years we have gradually graduated from the newly weds who every Friday flocked the theater to watch the first day first show of most movies, to considerate parents who wisely scrutinize what would be best for their nine year old's impressionable young mind and accordingly decide which movie to watch though on a broader spectrum we wish him to be exposed to everything. Nevertheless, movies based on sports or sports personalities are always the first choices of both the sports buff boys ~ daddy and sonny.

Thus, no points for guessing, as we packed our bags to a weekend getaway to have some monsoon nature fun, we decided to watch the movie, #Soorma on the way and it really turned out to be a very nice, clean and worth a watch movie. Pure unadulterated Bollywood flick with multiple emotions and every character, every relation beautifully and mostly positively weaved.

The film is based on the real life comeback story of hockey legend Sandeep Singh who gets paralyzed waist down when a bullet hits him accidentally in a train. Actor, singer Diljit Dosanjh I felt is the most befitting fit for the innocent Sardar that Sandeep Singh is from his childhood. That innocence was vital to be kept alive to justify the cuteness of the character and to keep the audience enthralled and enticed as he played class hockey for India and got the nickname 'Soorma'. Diljit no doubt was good as a vulnerable lover as well as an impulsive yet profound player.

But if you ask me what I loved most about the movie, it was a pure testimony of an elder brother's love who himself has trained for years to be in Indian Hockey Team when his younger brother opts out in childhood itself. Though he himself doesn't get picked up for the national squad, he goes out of the way in discovering and getting honed his brother's unique talent. Also, he stands like a wall for his brother in every single need of his and was a treat to watch. Angad Bedi you sure nailed this buddy and you remained my favorite for most of the film.

Tapsee Pannu played Sandeep Sharma's love interest and did a fair job as was envisioned for a character which narrates the tale in the movie. Vijay Raaz as Sandeep's Coach definitely deserves a mention for impeccably essaying any role that he is ever given to him...I really love them all. Every other character of the movie was wonderful and relatable.

What I also loved about the movie was that Shaad Ali has kept the biopic simple and straight from the heart and has steered clear of unnecessary bollywood drama and masala to it. Of course the hockey fans were left wanting to know more about the ace player's thought process and strategies when on field but for a commoner like me, the movie did the job and made my weekend pleasant.

Truly Yours Roma's verdict on this movie is no matter what is your favorite genre, this movie is a must one time watch for every Indian because it is not always about cricket. Hockey is our national sport and I wish and pray it reclaims its lost glory soon. 

A huge round of applause for the Soorma Team ! I also wish more such movies are made are we inspire more and more children pick up sports and make themselves and their country proud :)

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