Friday 20 July 2018

New Age Parenting Mantra of 2018 ~ Empowering your child with 21st Century Skill Set

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It is extremely heartening that with changing times and each passing day parenting too was evolved by leaps and bounds and parents today widely accept the fact that apart from academic excellence, the little precious pieces of our hearts must also be trained early on, on several vital 21st century skills like Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Creative Arts, Collaboration etc.

This is in line with the fact that most Indians generally have an above average intellect but when it comes to expression they often fail to shun their inhibitions. This is exactly what was on my mind when I went full throttle in my academy aiding six to sixty year olds in bridging the gap between their intellect and expression.

The modus operandi is simple, access the gap between their current and desired skill set and design special modules specific to each one's needs and the earlier we are able to do this assessment the better it is. Courses such as Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Elocution, Grammar Grip etc hone their fundamentals impeccably and rid them of all fears and we know it because many of us still battle stage fear because we could not get rid of them in our earlier years.

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Another principle I live by in grooming the tiny tots both as a parent as well as a coach is that they their foundation is much stronger and deeper if the values or skills are embedded in their brains through multiple fun games in a pseudo stage setup on professional microphones rather than the monotonous study schedule. Thus, gradually, over a period of time through constant practice it becomes a habit for them, boosts their confidence several fold and shapes their over all personality.

Lately, I have joined Cedarwood Afterschool Program and I really value this association for our visions for the little angels are perfectly aligned and thus we together aim to expand our horizons through this collaboration and groom as many tiny buds bloom into wonderfully expressive flowers as possible.

I can't emphasize enough how vital these 21st Century skills are both as a teacher and as a parent. Cedarwood conducts a lot of first free trial classes for your peanuts, for different courses across different centers in Pune and other cities before enrolling them into their vivid gamut of courses. You can visit their website at and alternatively call them at 9595131000.

Truly Yours Roma is proud to be associated with Cedarwood Afterschool Program with the promise that we undoubtedly will leave no stone unturnd in adding great value to your little heart's skills.

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