Tuesday 22 May 2018

Waiting For The Launch of a Eureka to Satiate this Selfie Queen, #Mobiistar

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No matter how much people have criticised the advent to selfies, for me and to most people who love to pose in front of the camera it is a eureka. I undoubtedly would love to hug to person who invented the selfie fever and express my gratitude to him to having discovered how to click one self and the ones we love ourselves without depending on others. He or she has made every day of our lives a precious sweet memory we can relive just by visiting any of our social media or google drives which are full of priceless selfies of our moods and moments.

Also, I love to smile always and capture the close ups, no matter where I am and what I am doing, sometimes fresh out of the shower as the sunshine plays with my wet tresses I want to capture it to the Tee or at others all clad up in a playful tiara on the beach. I always have always sought for an enhanced selfie experience.

I equally love capturing myself with my family when on exotic locations like the one below which I shot on the PhiPhi islands near Patong in Thailand. This selfie is of our memorable anniversary and is forever imprinted on my heart. I am madly in love with it and it dwells in my home as a wall size portrait. My husband clicked this selfie and we both value it as a timeless priceless image of our infinite love with the face of our love therein too, our sonny boy.

However every time I look at it I realise somewhere my selfie camera missed arresting the beautiful background as much as it could and the regret sinks deep and the perfect shot greedy me waits for another Eureka... someone who lives on the jargon, #EnjoyMore found this enjoyment not more.

The gadget freak that I am, since then have been frantically searching for it with my soul craving for a perfect selfie camera. I guess now my prayers are answered as the Vietnamese smartphone major #Mobiistar with its extremely potent front and selfie dual camera that captures 120 degrees wide angle shot is all set to foray Indian Markets in a huge and unparalleled way and shall be grabbed exclusively from Flipkart. It most importantly bestows me with the exclusive power to capture priceless groupies like never before.

I can’t hold my excitement to own one and satiate the smiley selfie queen in me. If you too are a selfie lover like me, do check them out!

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