Wednesday 6 June 2018

A Dream To Fulfil Every Indian's Selfie Dream Comes True with #Mobiistar Launch: IndiBlogger Meet, Delhi

Meeting fellow bloggers and umpteen hours of fruitful discussion, give me an adrenaline rush like nothing else and especially if it’s an Indiblogger Meet, then one sure has hit the bull’s eye of utmost fun and frolic coupled with some wonderful insights. Yes, I confess I am an ardent sucker of Indimeets and though Inditeam hasn’t found a way to Pune yet, I have gone lucky traveling to places where they plan some. Well, when there's a will, there's a way😊.

May has been an extreme busy month for me and I was looking forward to a fortnight long vacation with family in Kashmir, our collecting stop being Delhi. A night before commencing the journey, after I completed all my packing, I sat for my usual before sleep reading spree. While I was well aware above Mobiistar’s Launch in India, I had absolutely no clue that an Indiblogger Meet for the same is scheduled the next day in Delhi. What a coincidence, I jumped in delight and without wasting a moment I applied for it. In the next second, the Indipass flashed in my mailbox and I shared the news with my nine year old who has started blogging a year back. A technology buff that he is, he made me leave no stone unturned to appease everyone to tuck him along ( A big thanks IndiB Team for accepting my request, you have knitted all of us so well into a family and now I know the reason why).

Excitement was at its peak as we landed in Delhi from Pune just an hour before the Meet. The energy of the little one in surfing every ounce about the star of the day, #Mobiistar as his eyes lit up when he narrated the minutest info to me made me conceal my lethargy and tip toe to the grand event and I am so glad I did despite of a very hectic schedule.

Time just flew from the time we stepped in, meeting so many virtual blogger buddies in person, was a feeling which cannot be weaved in words. While Kartik kick started the Mobiistar Indimeet in style, he soon handed over the stage to Ms. Shobha Rana of Mobiistar who invited Mr. Carl Ngo, CEO and Co-founder, Mobiistar India to take us through the launch. I was intrigued to know how within nine years, Mobiistar has carved a niche for itself in Vietnam and now has extraordinary plans to go global. It was amazing to know how it was awarded as the ‘Most Impressive SmartPhone of the Year, 2017’ in Vietnam.

For India, they have derived their USP from the Indian nerve to click large groupies along with the beautiful back grounds and they promise to let every Indian #EnjoyMore at pocket friendly prices. I liked the way they have tapped the intellectual power of the bloggers and their social media presence to promote themselves. One needs smarter ways to impress the smart customers these days.

Their foray in the Indian market scenes is more merely on the surface but backed by extensive research and selfie satisfaction surveys with their own and competitors phones, the results of which were shared with us. Their clear cut plan is to enhance our selfie/groupie experience without loosing the charming background and while in impressive dignity they did not reveal the competitor's name, it was evident their products have worked wonders for their market price.

Their marketing strategy is fairly aggressive too with their tie up with Flipkart and special offers like Complete Mobile Protection and Exchange Deals. Unbelievably if we acquire it with JIO, we get an instant cash back of 2200 rupees. We clicked a lot of selfies with these selfie centric phones. Can there be a better offer in this segment.

Let us talk about the models and pricing now. As of date, two of their models are launched in India- CQ priced at 4999 comes in Black and Gold colours and possesses a 13MP selfie camera with ‘Face Beauty Mode’ which offers a seven level beautification and XQ Dual(available in black and champagne colour), priced at 7999, as the name suggests has 13MP and 8 MP Dual Selfie Cam for the ultimate selfie experience. 

Both of the above come with a 120 degrees wide angle shot to capture a large group as well as the picturesque background with equal ease. Since I have seen and experienced both the devices in the physical demo given during the indimeet, I can safely say both these phones are an absolute steal deal at this price.

I was also bowled over in sheer admiration as Carl professed how #Mobiistar wishes to first make its place in the heart’s of Indians and is focusing on heart share before market share. This for me is a clear indicator that they have a long journey ahead in India and I wish them all the very best in all their endeavours. May their dream to fulfil every Indian’s precious selfie/groupie dream comes true♥️. Truly Yours Roma recommends these wonderful devices to its readers, do check them out if you looking for a selfie expert without burning a hole in your pocket :)

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