Friday 11 May 2018

World Wide Release of my Third Book Cover

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It is a writer’s ultimate dream to publish a book in her name and here I am revealing my third book cover to all of you with an ecstatic heart and a cheek to cheek smile. Can’t hold on to the excitement of soon holding my third book in my hands. It is almost like holding your new born for the first time♥️.

‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’ is an autobiography of a rebel and every Indian girl will see herself in the protagonist. Though we are known to be the quiet and the submissive types, each one of us has a hidden volcano within ourselves which though rarely erupts but when it does, a story of this stature is born which won’t let you sleep till you bring it forth to the world.

After my heart wrenching non-fiction book ‘Dare To Defy the Destiny’ and a breezy chiclet romance ‘The Fragrance of True Love’, this third precious piece of my heart, ‘Destiny’s Favourite Child’ is my own true tale from my birth till the present day, of how there can be no better example of Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest theory. You have to read it to believe it for there is a lot a person hides behind her vibrant smiles.

This book is also special as you can read it as continuations if previous chapters as well as read each chapter as a stand-alone tale. This book is indeed my heartfelt tribute to each one who met me on the cross roads of life. Thank you for being this kind to me and if you were not my gratitude to you only multiplies as your bitterness has only made me yearn harder to become whatever I have become today.

Here’s how the face of my book will look to you and it will be released very shortly. Stay tuned to 'Truly Yours Roma' here or my social media handles to grab a copy all yours that shall be served to you hot with all my love.

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