Tuesday 17 April 2018

P.S. I Will Like To Grow Old As...

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The only thing sure about life is its unpredictability. No one can ever fathom what it has in store for you. So I categorically choose to live as much as possible in the present. But sometimes a thought strikes...how will I like to grow old as and I immediately indulge in my favourite pastime, thinking.

Well, it is true what I am doing today as a thirty something will not be the same as what I will be doing as a forty something or as a fifty something, of course if I am alive till then. Both my mom and maternal grand-mom whom I resemble completely didn’t cross the fifty mark. This soars my excitement as I have to do so much more in the limited years I have. Every time I say this, mister husband makes a sullen face or leaves the room but it’s ok, I am preparing him indirectly for the inevitable or who knows I live more thanks to all the love that I get from some wonderful people in my life. On the same thought, today I feel like penning an open letter to S which I am sure he would not read like my any other article.

Dear S,

Sorry my love for always bothering you saying that like mum and naani, I will also go to God pretty soon, God likes good people you see😉. The fact is I would rather like to live in your arms as long as possible as the same smiley as I am today♥️. Very few people know that I owe this trademark smile to you which spread wider and brighter when you entered my life nineteen years ago, I will never ever like to part with it.

But of course as I grow old, I would like to grow less clumsy and less flamboyant and may be also do away with a little of my temper which has already gone down drastically, isn’t it? Signs of ageing😛. Another proof, you remember you always had a terrible issue with me shedding tears, I have almost given up crying now and will like to grow old with this composure. Have you noticed it😊?

As I grow old I also see some more books of mine published and my academy running full throttle. In the weekends I will like to be less lethargic and go and conduct free classes in orphanages and old age homes. I will like to work until my last breath and I make you the custodian of my last wish which is every single organ of mine be donated.

Also S, I would like to grow old with you as liberal parents to little A who gets the liberty from us to choose the career path of his choice. A profession in the field of one's passion always works wonders in his/her life is what I always tell him and let us stick to our stance. Ok, I will also allow him some girl-friends but not too many. Let’s have two adjacent flats one for him and his spouse and children and one for us so that we can give them the desired privacy as well as see them whenever we or they wish to. I know all this is possible only if he works in the same city and a lot other ifs and buts. How wonderful it would be seeing him settled. I would be a delighted momma.

Our hair will grey Shobhi and you will not rush every morn to work, kissing me goodbye for the whole day. We will rather sit in our balcony, sip your favorite lemon tea and discuss the newspaper. We will also go for a long walk together everyday. You will not be allowed to sleep as late as you sleep on weekends now, ok😊. I will do all chopping and cleaning and you cook and then we can have our lunch together.

May be with your brilliant experience under your belt, we can expand our academy and introduce some more professional courses. From afternoon till evening we can work with our students, only to come back and relax and watch television along with having dinner. You can watch cricket as much as you want, I promise I will not make faces while I will build a personal library for myself😊. We will also run our albums on a big LCD screen sometimes and relive our precious memories and the wonderful times we have lived together.

Writing all this to you my dear, I realise I was a person of small joys, I am the same right now and when I imagine my future, I still remain a person celebrating little joys of life. But all of them only have a meaning if I have you by my side♥️. Yes, I truly will like to grow old with you...



To be continued in the next parts of #SlicesofLife Series on #TrulyYoursRoma in #AtoZChallenge this April.  I am writing on some extraordinary slices from my ordinary life.

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have always given me. Truly Yours Roma is nothing without you! 

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