Thursday 1 February 2018

Fashion Tips for a Thailand Trip ~ What and What not to Pack?

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A hot destination like the exotic Thailand calls for the gorgeous us flaunting the best and thus what we choose to don there becomes extremely vital. Since most of the Indian women genetically don’t possess a beach body and may have other reservations to clad themselves in a bikini, in this special post for you, I bring you some fantastic options that would make you look equally desirable and hot that too with your existing wardrobe. In all the permutations and combinations that we do below we have to bear in mind that the climate is generally hot and humid at the beaches, so the lesser and lighter the better. Whether you are unwed, newly wed or a mommy traveling with kiddos all the below options are equally viable for all of you.

First and foremost dig out the oldest pair of Jeans from your wardrobe and chop it to your thais length. Design the cut to your choice, straight or wavy or uneven and leave them uncut that way with the strings or get them hemmed at the bottom whatever you feel suits your style the most. This along with 3-4 colourful comfy tops become your most useful garment when you hit the beaches and enter the waves quite deep.

Second pack a good jumpsuit and a swim suit with a netty translucent Kaptaan or a light Sarong, they are a must have for a Thai vacation and you can drape them in several ways according to your body type. They will help you both on the beaches as well in the pools of the resort you will put up in. Remember we love to flaunt a little and hide a little, that’s how most Indian women clad in the above in whatever makes you feel more confident and happy inside. It is all that matters and nothing else. At least I firmly believe so, be comfortable in your skin and flaunt your curves.

Additionally, if you have any off shoulder or single shoulder old party gowns pull them out, get them chopped to above knee length or even shorter at a nearby tailor, get it dry cleaned and a stylish beachy outfit as good as new is ready.

You must know that sometimes the sand which gets inside our clothes can make you uncomfortable so it is always advisable to pack an extra pair of inner garments and a light shrug or sarong to drape above it, if the need be and you wish to change.

big put off that we often ignore is a clumsy set of inner wear popping from our trendy outfit. This is where I call you to invest. Pick at least a couple of sets of exotic stylish beach wears including the matching inner sets and don it with grace on your tanned body.

Also, what is most significant is to accessorise your look correct. Funky earrings, smart glares and nude makeup works best in such a vacation. Colourful and in trends, neck pieces and beaded bracelets often completes the look most impressively. 

Do pack a shimmery LBD or red hot or pink short dress too for that special dance and date night but other than that stuffing your bag with load of clothes would serve no purpose.

This is all you need to bear in mind as you pack for a dream vacation to Thailand. With the above tips, Truly Yours Roma is sure you are set to rock your Thailand Trip :) Bon Voyage!

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