Sunday 30 July 2017

Watch Out For That Jealous Black-hearted Near and Dear One...

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The bitter truth of life is the more good you do to people, more are the chances of you being used and unfortunately many a times you will be oblivious of the fact that you are being used because the perpetrator will be a near and dear one(this phrase is actually a misnomer) whom you would trust blindly. Painfully you will come to know about it after you have been duped and trapped and left gasping for breath in a tight situation. These people may often appear as submissive and weak and you won't have a slightest inkling of the kind of plan they will be brewing in their hearts. I have even gone to the extent of having pity on one such person and out of pity helping him/her but all he/she did was passing her monkey on my back. It isn't that you almost always aren't wise but you are humane that they silently backstab you and your goodness fails you again to give it a fight. 

There's another set of these near and dear ones who ironically stay far and are quite well to do but are so jealous or it's probably their inherent black heart that they will keep making vehement attempts to ruin your happiness and success in whichever way they can and never leave a single stone unturned to cause you harm. But again if you are good, you will bear it hoping that this will make them improve some day and you owe them this support in good blood. Also, most often than not you won't be able to judge their moves as you love them dearly. But the fact is despite of sometimes making crazy money their lives perhaps lack the sparks and they just can't bear any one else having what they don't. They will call at hours when they know will be your personal moments and will try and seek more information with an intention to malice your plans with well thought of logics. There are as many men doing this as women so I can't say if the behaviour is gender-skewed.

The two above categories are often hidden players and leave you aghast with their betrayal and I am ashamed to admit that I have met and have been deceived by both of the above kinds and the worst part is people like me always fall in the trap. That's why I say emotional fools are forever meant to be fooled.

So does that mean we should stop being good or stop posting happy pictures on social media to prevent these people from getting jealous. So precisely change ourselves for them but why? We sure can't do anything to change them either. Planning a tit for that is out of thought for again your goodness stands in the path. Maintaining distance is also not possible as they often are even your blood ties. For example I know this one person who is being used to the last drop of his blood but he says he does it all in the name of duties. So all that I could think of is watch out for that one jealous black hearted near and dear one. Try not to fall in his eye for good reasons and bring in balance in all your acts. If you can think of a better way to deal with these paranoids, please do share.

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  1. Sadly, I am going through the same scenario at the moment, Roma. People whom we have helped have harmed us, and continue trying to do so. I felt like your words were echoing my thoughts.
    I have realised that detaching yourself from these people works best. It may not be easy to do, but it can be done.
    The block option on all sm works wonderfully too :)