Thursday 10 August 2017

Flaunt Your Euphoria : Shine and Gleam and Enhance Your Sheen 

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Hola Lovelies! Today on Truly Yours Roma I have for you a post in my beauty segment...

I literally love to glitter on all occasions and thus though I have a well laid regime to keep my skin naturally healthy and glowing(we'll get to it some other day), I meticulously choose the makeup I wear, which necessarily does not interfere with my skin composition and lustre. Until and unless it is a very special ceremony where I like the shimmery enhanced makeup matching up subtly to my outfit, I like to keep my make up natural with the following must haves  which I find indispensable for a party and sometimes otherwise too. All of these are readily available on all the leading Online Shopping Portals but my experience says order it from more reliable ones like Myntra as almost all of these products come with an expiry and so the fresher piece you get the better.

1. Foundation: While I love to wear my confidence, I feel I enhance the same by giving my skin a finer and fairer even tone with applying foundation made for my complexion. This enables the makeup to not look a tad heaped on a different skin tone in a mismatched manner. Lately,  I have started using honey based foundation and I really feel it is as a product will bring renaissance in the cosmetic industry for it leaves my sensitive skin so soft and supple. 

2. Compact: I use a matte finish compact over it to let my skin look flawlessly radiating. Two to three coats of the compact I believe makes it look natural on the skin and does not shine mischievously when one is out in sun. On a humid day, I prefer using compact without foundation to let it absorb the constantly oozing out droplets of sweat. A re-application in a couple hours saves me from the dull sweaty look.

3. Lipsticks/Lip Balms: A baby pink fruity flavoured lip balm is another absolute must have in my makeup kitty. I really feel beautiful pink smooth (not chapped) lips talk a great deal about a women's beauty. I am kind of  addicted to reapplying the delightfully fruity balms and love trying their different flavours. In lipsticks I stick to  matte red and bold pinks and their numerous shades for they kind of accentuate a girl's best asset which undisputedly is her smile.

4. Concealer: I use them to hide my under eye dark circles after a sleepless night as an author or some scars or blemishes and blend them gently into my natural skin tone. A concealer is quite helpful when a sudden pimple pops up or a stubborn burn  leaves its ugly mark behind. I use it rarely though but I ensure I always have one for an emergency and thus always order one more before the current one gets over.

5. Eye Liner/ Kohl: Eyes are a window to a woman's heart, thus how about making them look gorgeous. I beautify my eyes with an eye liner or kohl and some days they alone are my makeup coupled with a lip balm of course. It is always recommended to buy smudge free eye liners and Kajal pencils so that they don't get rubbed into black spots as the hours progress.

6. Blusher: Some days I just love to make my cheeks look crimson and pink like a blushing bride and those are the days I resort to my Blusher though I don't go overboard with it. Just a gentle rub here and there and it's done. It looks awesome when you are dressed in a multi-colour girly attire or when you wish to highlight a  subdued office look in all browns.

7. Moisturiser: Now this is the most Vital of them all as it is the base for everything. I use it in heaps to remove makeup and then reapply it every time  I wash or cleanse my face. It keeps my skin hydrated and keeps its tenderness alive. It's generous application makes me feel soft and huggable at all times. I generally love using baby moisturisers for I love their mild babyish Fragrance.

Do this is all that spells makeup for me girls and I use a particular product only after I have fully researched of its authenticity and genuineness. Can't play with my skin right. A perfect makeup ordered from a perfect online shopping destination makes me flaunt my confidence and euphoria multi fold as I shine and gleam and don my sheen.

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