Friday 7 October 2016

On My Birthday Today, Raising a Toast to Our Priceless Friendship with 'Yaaron Ki Baraat'

File Photo with my Bestie of Decades

Friends are the best things that came happen to you in a lifetime and I am that lucky one who by God's grace have them in abundance. My friends truly are my heart. What better proof can I furnish, I am married to my chaddy-buddy of 25 years.

Owing to the great friendship of our dads, I have been almost born and brought up with him, just that he entered the world ten months before me. From walking hand in hand to our kindergarten carefully through the corner of the roads, to facing adolescent dilemmas to admitting our first crushes to each other we have shared it all. From as long back as I remember our moms always brought the same cloth to stitch my frock and his shirt , our first cycles were similar and our dads even celebrated our birthdays together to cut costs or in all probability to raise a toast to their friendship which we only understand now.

Incidentally today is my birthday too and I am feeling so blessed to write this treatise, this ode on friendship for my best friend of life but does that mean he'll me my goody goody bestie who'll walk back from work with a cake and some red roses.. You're mistaken guys, he loves playing pranks on me and had played the worst of them mostly on my birthdays. And when I had burst into cries through his perennial teasing, he's the one who has persuaded me for hours and what followed were wonderful priceless moments with a wonderful gift, cakes and chcocolates. So I actually fear what's in store for me today! Nevertheless I absolutely love his mischief and the fact that it's not a man and a wife but two best buddies who reside in my home sweet home.

Its Funny to Marry A Man who knows all your Secrets

I am no less. While he has never leaked any of my secrets and buried them forever in his heart, I had always ditched him on this front. Whether it was a news of his new crush which changed quite frequently or the fact that he has a loan of Rs: 14 on the local grocers, I will always give it away smilingly only to be beaten up by him later. He insisted most of the amount of loan was for the chocolates he bought for me why the hell will I agree after eating them up. But all this was only between us, if a third friend said something about him, I would not listen a word and will fight him out with all my might.

With the advent of adolescence, as I was gradually blooming from a bud to a flower, I started despising wearing the same cloth dress as his shirt and got busy with the new friends I made but somehow we always managed to make time for each other. There is something so special about friends, you will always hang around each other exactly at the moment the other one needs you the most without at all showing it off.

Ours was a very adorable kind of friendship where he always made fun of me and kept pulling my leg and I always tried to ignore him. We were now not the buddies who rode our bicycle to school together but if my cycle got punctured on the way, he was the one I looked for and I don't know how he always emerged at that moment to help me and the same holds good till today. He was and is always my Mr. Dependable and for more than 3 decades now we have stood by each other in thick and thin.

But at that tender age we were undoubtedly not that sensible enough to understand at that time that ours was a priceless unique bond of a lifetime God has created himself through his sacred hands. Time just flew past and in all our naughtiness we never realised we have grown up and even worse we don't know till today when we had fallen in love. Everyone around us could sense it but not we. Our friendship ran like blood into our veins by this time for us to even realise something else.

It's when we turned 22 and his dad was on death bed on account of some medical emergency and has expressed his last desire to see both of us married, did we have our first ever thought to it.
The Most Hilarious Wedding of Two Chaddi Buddies

And I am so glad we did for we soon realised we were meant to me together forever. Our love did become the superset of our deep rooted friendship but the foundation still is of the two tiny chaddy buddies walking hand in hand this time on the crossroads of life. Our extreme inter-caste marriage was an extremely hilarious event too with laughter and happiness prevailed all around.

Today our little boy is seven years old and its a pleasure to have a third best buddy in our gang at home and we three enjoy the same camaraderie, the same Love and Mastii, insane naughtiness as we two did when we were tiny.

The Third Chaddy Buddy Joins Mom-Dad's Gang

I value my friendship above all humanity and our sweet memories weaved in the beautiful journey of life form our strong backbone and support system in the ups and downs of life. Thus, the fact that I will we able to enjoy more such adorable Celebrity friendships for the first time on Indian Television on
co-powered by and Brooke Bond Red Label, where the stalwarts of industry share lovely memories and anecdotes from their lives, makes me so excited and I really look forward to it..Actually watching its awesome commercial, made me raise a toast to my best buddy, through this post and thus I feel so connected to it even before it's telecasts begin. This rocking show will put celebrity friendship to tests through a series of fun challenges and tasks. Do Tune in at 8 p.m. on Zee TV for the same on 8th October and experience 'The Friendship Phenomenon' and deep rooted secrets of nation's heartthrobs, loaded with tonnes of fun and Mastii.

A Glimpse of zee TVs New Entertainment Show- Yaaron Ki Baraat

Enjoy And Have Fun!

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