Wednesday 5 October 2016

Consistent not Intense Chhote Kadams to Keep My Family Heart Healthy

Life is a beautiful palette of myriad colours and it is precious for me to keep my adorable world safe and happy, as a woman, as a wife, as a mother and also as a person who loves to spread laughter all around. So that my family emanates these colourful hues of happiness always, I ensure they stay heart healthy.

Undoubtedly stress and the overtly busy lifestyle has taken a toll on our health and it is painful to see youngsters succumbing to cardiac diseases. The sedentary work profiles and binging on fast foods have only worsened the situation. Not only this situation calls for a positive change in ourselves, it is also high time to break the myth that we need rigorous hours of workout or a stiff diet to keep our obesity and cholesterol in check which act as a biggest contributor to heart is rather the 'Chhote Kadam' that we take, in gradually inculcating worthy options in your lifestyle, that work wonders.

Gals and Guys, Rome was not built in a day
What is important is that you start today

Don't wait for a catastrophe
Embrace Chhote Chhote Kadam in the right direction rather than shying away in dismay..

This is precisely the reason I am an  admirer and a self anointed preacher of the #ChhoteKadam initiative of Saffolalife which has established a three point vital mantra of Staying Active, Eating Right and Being Happy as a Jargon to our Healthy life.

And can I agree more..You just need to mould your brain to get the above as staying healthy is a mind set. Need not mandatorily hit a gym but use stairs, walk smaller distances in place of riding a car or bike, meditate , yoga is therapeutic too and for that matter standing while doing the routine chores helps to keep the calorie count in check too.

I love variety and thus I add spice to the mild exercise forms I adopt each day the length of which is not more than 15-30 minutes. I dance with my little sonny and sometimes go for a swim with hubby dear. A morning jog in the drizzle or cycling around at sunrise are what please my heart too and are ways to staying active without making me realise I am on a workout ( The Key is put our heart and soul in the activity and it would serve a dual purpose, not only will the results on our health be better, they sure will indulge our elated heart in a happy dance).

Eating right can work amazing wonders too. First and foremost don't embark on a rigorous diet all of a sudden, take some chhote Kadam , eat everything but reduce the portions gradually so that our tastebuds are satiated as well as we consume the right calories. Training our brain to eat two hourly is truly a great boost to our metabolism. Another magical small step for positive heart health is having an early dinner. Eating bigger portions of fruits and vegetables cooked in just the optimum amount of healthy heart friendly cooking oil like Saffola and less salt is always awesome and easily implemantable. Drink as much water as we can helps in flushing the toxins from our body. Managing portions while eating out of partying and balancing the calories in the next meal aids us in not forgoing small pleasures of life. So we are eating everything and enjoying life but just rescheduling and managing portions to take care of the tender hearts of ourself and our loved ones. once we add staying active and eating right to our diet our heart already started feeling healthy and we feel good and happy when we feel physically fit. The vice versa also holds true. Our happiness seeps in our veins and contributes to our emotional well being sending positive signals to our heart. Don't brood, back bite or hold antagonism against anyone in your heart. Learn to forgive to relieve your heart of the excessive useless stress. Establish work life balance. Play with your little one and spend some mandatory hearty moments with your spouse rather than boozing or gossiping.

Above are the real Chhote Kadam I take to keep the lovely hearts that beat in my home healthy, including myself without forgetting that consistency is the key here not the intensity. And I sincerely urge to all of you to pep yourself up gradually for this Renaissance called #ChhoteKadam by Saffolalife and weave its 'Stay Active, Eat Right and Be Happy' Jargon in your life style...

I reiterate pick up the baton
And consistently in your lifestyle integrate these Chhote Kadam

Stay Active, Eat Right and Be Happy
And with pride keep your loved ones' Hearts Healthy

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association with BlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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