Monday 25 April 2016

"V"ictory of Adoption Process: Is it genuine or to meet one's vested Interest?

Atharva tried not to look into Tanvi's tearful eyes out of the fear that she will notice them in his eyes too...She has had a third miscarriage last night and felt shattered and hopeless, Atharva though trying to cheer his better half , the best he could was heartbroken too!

They have been happily married for 10 years and have taken all the ups and downs of life beautifully in their stride except for they have waited for too long to embrace parenthood...Even the medicine science couldn't aid them much...

Deciding not to prolong their agony any further and after giving it a deep thought , they decided to adopt a child... Their families welcomed their decision and thus 2 months old Aryan entered their  life...Words fail me to describe what great joy the tiny soul brought to the couple...time flew and for the next 5 years they immersed themselves in the joy of parenthood...perhaps they even forgot Aryan was not their biological child😊
Then a miracle happened...They were on Cloud Nine to discover that Tanvi has conceived and Aryan would soon welcome his new brother or sister into the world... By God's grace and may be the luck that Aryan brought to the family , they were soon blessed with twin boys... Their joys knew no bound and the world would not have been a better place😊
But this was not the perfect ending of this fairy tale...Having their biological kids made Tanvi and Atharva's love fade for Aryan and be more focused on their twins...As the three boys grew up, Oblivious of the truth Aryan could never understand this bias in every little thing from food to clothing to schooling....He did all the household work thinking that being the elder brother he was helping his parents never realising once the shallow thought process of the couple...

While Aryan grew up to be a shopkeeper, his twin brothers became big lawyers...Today while the twins live with their parents in their Villa , Aryan lives in the outhouse, still trying to figure out his fault! Does no one remember the joy this little soul brought to their life once...can his parents not feel his pain??

Why such hypocrisy and such a change of attitude.. If they didn't possess a heart big enough to let Aryan reside there forever, it would have been really better if they had not adopted him at all☹️...
And thus this question lingers in my mind that though it is heartening to note that the number of adoption cases are multiplying and many homeless kids are giving life and getting life with the childless couples, does true cases like the above depict the true victory of the noble adoption process???????

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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