Sunday 17 April 2016

"O"nly if everyone loved everyone else, this world would be such a beautiful Place

Akram was the only son of Shabana whom she has raised him both as his mom as well as dad after the demise of her husband when he was two...Akram too couldn't be more grateful to her for the innumerable sacrifices she made for him and loved her most dearly..His only desire was to see his mom happy who meant the world to him.

When he joined work after completing his engineering, their financial woes gradually began to melt away...Akram seeked her consent to marry his childhood sweetheart Riya to which she happily gave her nod...for she knew Riya was as worthy a human being as her own son.

After their marriage, Akram took his mom and Riya to Dehradoon where he worked...Shabana has slowly started to believe that her hard work of decades had been eventually paid off and all 3 of them lived happily together...while Riya ensured she made every moment of her mom-in-law's life worthwhile, Shabana in turn showered all her love on her!

Once it so happened that it was Shabana's bday and Akram and Riya had gone to purchase a surprise gift and cake for her, when their bike was hit by a speeding truck from behind..While Akram lost his life on the spot, Riya lost both her legs in the accident..

When she woke up in the hospital, she was embraced and consoled by her mother-in-law who said though she has lost her son, she is glad that her daughter was alive...

It took her few months to recover post which her mother-in-law took her back to hometown...Shabana started working again and took great care of her daughter-in-law...though Riya's parents insisted to take her along with them, she did not go!

But with passing time and long hours of solitude, depression gradually began to engulf Riya...Not able to support he ageing mother-in-law she felt so dejected... She even confided her thoughts to Shabana who motivated her to carve out her life with no fear and even managed to borrow some money to buy her an automated wheelchair...

Since Riya has done a vocational course of fashion designing, she took it full time... Her hardwork coupled by Shabana's motherly love made her work wonders... she soon opened her own boutique which did well to support both of them.

This gave Riya's soul great contentment that she could fulfill Akram's responsibilities...and take care of Shabana for the rest of her life.

No two persons are alike similarly the relation between any two persons cannot be similar...It simply takes a little love, patience and acceptance to get it back in return :) 

"O"nly if  everyone in the world chose to love everyone else, this world would be such a beautiful place!

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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