Sunday 10 April 2016

"I"nspiration Absolute: No Calamity could Humble her Spirits(The Tale of an Earthquake Victim)

It was simply not our day, and probably everything went wrong and we finished our shifting around midnight...extremely tired making our bed was the only thing I managed with one hand while holding on my sleeping little one from the other...until hubby cleared the Packers n Movers Bills...I made my don comfortable in bed and I don't remember when I slept with him too only to be woken up at 6 on the morn by the doorbell.

My legs felt heavy out of tiredness and probably lack of sleep, and it felt like an humungous task to reach the door... As I opened it, there stood a tall, fair , elderly lady...She greeted me gently and told me that this is her house where she has been working for years and now as we have come to live here, we must hire her...she exuded loads of confidence but her way of talking was very sublime...I anyways wanted a house help do I immediately kept Savita Maushi for my housework...

She was so perfect in everything she did... Her energy defied her age and she never said no to me for anything...and once she narrated her story to me, my respect for her multiplied severalfold👌🙏...

Savita has lost her husband and 2 children in the Latur Earthquakes and was stranded with the younger two..she did not even search for their debris of the dead as she has to take care of the ones who are alive...Her parents and inlaws too have perished in the nature's most gruesome onslaught!

She told me she was very young, grief stricken and so filled with remorse that her first thoughts were of suicide...but the moment she saw her 5 month old daughter and 2 year old son's face who had no one but her, she mustered all her courage and came to Pune where her distant maternal cousin lived who gave them shelter for a few days!

She than knew her children were Hungary and that she has to work but she knew nothing other than farming ...she had no understanding of urban households or any links, she could not smoothly land on a job...

So she started doing every work that came her way...stitching clothes, making vada pavs n tea on order, washing and ironing etc...initially she charged very less as she was working from home because her children were very small...moreover, wherever she had gone to work, often men have had a wrong eye on her...

They were extremely poor and at times despair engulfed her but she did not give up...sometimes they didn't even have enough to people developed trust in her abilities, she got more work and thus she admitted her children to school...with time her confidence grew with leaps  and bounds!

Time flied, she married her daughter who too got 3 cute kids and her son too got a decent was time for her to rest for she has only known to work all her life treacherously when another disaster took a toll on her.. Her daughter lost her husband to brain tumour..she is yet to come on terms with destiny and often sits stoned for hours...she and her kids now live with Savita Maushi !

But all this no more puts her down...she is tormented but she smiles and signs off that her God is testing her spirits to fight the adverse and this time she is all ready to give in her best!

This is the unparalleled power of an Indian Women who was not even given primary education, true Inspiration isn't it... No calamity of disaster can ever humble her unparalleled spirits ❤️

Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange

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