Saturday 9 April 2016

"H"ere and today lay the foundation right: To end rapes perennially

Only yesterday there was something which perplexed hubby dear left early morn on a tour and my little boy still asleep, I picked up the milk can and newspaper after bidding him goodbye and was in full mood to catch a little more sleep when my eyes fell on the headlines...It was about the rape and murder of a 8 year heart froze... I got back in bed but kept shifting and felt uneasy...what that little damsel would have been through in her last moments was unimaginable for her innocence, her childhood, her life was charred to death made me give a million curses to those 3 inhuman beasts who kept sexually assaulting her even after her death...

Was Desire above all Humanity?

Is putting these 3 behind the bars bring the little princess back ?

Can anyone sooth the agony of the mom and dad of a little rape victim ?

Shameless, heinous, I am short of words for such an act which unfortunately happens everyday in our much so that I often get scared to pick the newspapers in the morn, flooded with news of rapes, molestation and child abuse...not long back I was dreaded to read about the rape and murder of a 3 month old baby by a family member... I pity such butchers for their perennially malaiced physche!

But is sitting and brooding the loss enough.... For me certainly not...can we afford to wait till things happen to us...the responsibility of being the face of change is entirely on us...the perpetrators of these crimes are men who are someone's son.. This if we groom our sons adequately, giving them the right values, explained to them what is right , what is wrong... How every child - a boy or a girl are equal...and practice it in our real lives as mom and dads...I think our job would be more than half done and here and today we will start laying the right foundation of a more gender equal India and abolish the menace of Rape Perenially!

You don't rape a girl's body,

You rape her soul

Physical wounds can be healed,
But not the scars on her self respect

Life is too short , be good and humane...
Don't crush a tiny bud , before she blossoms!

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Author's Note: This Post is a part of #AtoZChallenge 2016 under my theme #FaceofChange
In the 26 days of this coveted challenge, I am going to precisely talk about the need of Women Rights and Liberation as despite of them, working shoulder to shoulder with man in all walks of life, Crimes against Women and Gender Inequality are the two menaces which are still destroying the foundation of Peaceful Happy Co-existence in our society (in most Asian countries).

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