Monday 10 August 2015

Infusing Creativity in our Peanuts thru' #ColgateMagicalStories: Constructive Parenting(My lil Angel's Masterpiece)

Hola Mommies and Daddies!

Greetings to you, Straight From The Heart.....

You would recall, how I have been emphasizing on Buddy Parenting in my earlier posts, which brings out the best in our kids in the softest possible manner...and one of the best way to do so is to indulge our little ones in constructive thinking, giving wings to their imagination (Scientifically, we term this as Constructive Parenting whose immense power cannot be refuted)....In line with these principles, in our Super-Special DIY Rendezvous Today....I bring to you a creative fun weekend treat for your munchkins!

I know, you won't agree more, that our little peanuts are actually bundles of immense energy and thus it becomes imperative for us, to channelize this energy positively and in the right direction ...which is undoubtedly not an easy task and keeps us on toes always, to discover a new challenge that can stimulate their creativity in a fun way!

Especially a weekend like this when my little one is confined to four walls of home because of being unwell...I wanted to discover something that the creative freak would absolutely love....

That's exactly when I stumbled upon the #ColgateMagicalStories video on the web (embedded below) and was almost instantaneously swept off my feet for I have discovered exactly what I needed to interest my little prince and let his creative juices to ooze out....

Yeah, Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste packs with the wondeful dream Magical Castle and characters, were now on my mind and I headed straight to the nearby grocery store to pick them up and surprise my little wizard (who loves building and narrating stories ever since he was even tinier)with the same...

Haah! But my cyber-savvy 6 year old sunshine was a step ahead...he has already watched the Video and pounced on me with the warmest hug and his mystical grins...

Arsh( My son): "Wow! Magical Castle, This is what I wanted Momma, Love u, love u, love u!"

Me: "Love you too Darling!U didn't tell me you desired these so much??"

Arsh: " ............."! (Priceless Grins again )

Me : "I just thought let's spend the weekend building TOGETHER a lovely Magical Castle !"

Arsh: " Yeah Mom, I can't wait to check what I get inside the boxes; Here I go.............."

And the unending chit-chat and immense fun began...Since I myself love crafts, this was the best way to indulge in quality time with my tiny-tot in an activity that's my favorite too :) 

Day#1: For the next few hours followed the thorough inspection, some innocent smiles,some focused scissor work, getting together the nitty-gritties, the adorable scrutiny of the characters and discussions with mom-dad around them...

And the hardwork continued Post Lunch...While we were allowed to give mechanical help and share our ideas, our sunshine meticulously did his Castle building....followed by the cutest smile of satisfaction, as wide as River Nile!

He narrated to us some wonderful facts and fruits of his imagination like his Colgate Magical Castle is located on an island, at the center of a SEA which has red water and lots of colorful stones!He even used a red satin cloth and colorful stones from the aquarium, to bring his imagination to reality!It was really amusing but heart-warming too , to see his imaginations run wild...He had his own unique way of looking the characters....a lot inspired by real life! 

Day#2: Our next day was so enriched by some lovely cute and admirable stories around the King, Queen, The Prince and the Princess as well as the strong Knight who resided in the Magical Castle..They were extra special for us as they came with the biggest lesson from a child that ill health cannot deter the mental strength, as he kept churning his brains, though not being on peak of his health....I recorded the story that I loved the most as he has named the Knight - "Colgate" and has made this Colgate Knight make the "Charming Prince" bid goodbye to Toothache Forever!!Here's the video of our interactive mastii while building the #ColgateMagicalStories <3 <3

He titled it "Arsh's Colgate Magical Story"....Priceless Video for me of some priceless moments...Thanks to Colgate's Awesome Initiative of #ColgateMagicalStories touching lots of hearts and spreading Positivity, Healthy Habits and Quality Family Time <3...This indeed made a perfect DIY Idea for us....with a crazy fun and educational value! Astoundingly Impressive, isn't it ?? 

Trust you enjoyed Arsh's Candid Straight From The Heart Endeavor to create and narrate his "Colgate Magical Story to save the Prince Charming"  as much as I enjoyed being a kid with him during the same :)

                                                                    -Truly Yours Roma

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