Monday 17 August 2015

It's rare that I am turned speechless......"Straight From The Heart" Turns ONE!!

Writing and expressing almost for infinity now, It's rare that I am turned speechless and it definitely has to be something really overwhelming to choke me buddies!!

And the Reason this time is your Love, Warmth ans Care as I complete one fruitful and enriching Year as a Blogger....

Yes, the Fruit of my Passion and Labor, My Blog "Straight From the Heart" Turns 1 in a week's time and my heart's Joy,knows no bounds <3

Though the evolution process continues enabling me to embed my roots deeper and stronger as a writer, certain Heart-warming Milestones like winning the Coveted "VWoman of the Year" Award, sure leave me humbled and reinforce my belief that I am on the right track...

My Blog has become my breathing space and the voice of my heart ever since I gave up my Flourishing Swedish Career and in an integral part of my Identity and so are you my dearest friends, family and my esteemed readers!I dip and sink but you become my Silent yet mightier power to bounce back!

As a small gesture of appreciation for the same, I bring to you my First #BlogAnniversay #Giveaway where the #MostLoyalFan will be gratified with a Gorgeous Designed Black High-Low Dress with Sequinned Shoulders!!

All you got to do is share with us your most memorable moment or pic in the comments below, share this post, and follow us on G+

Undoubtedly the Most Loyal Fan and the Most heartwarming Entry takes home an astoundingly gracious Designer outfit for their Closet <3 <3

The Contest Closes on 08-Sep-2015 and we would love you to be a part of our grand celebrations until than <3

All the very Best, Folks....Love u all, Truly Yours Roma

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