Sunday 10 May 2015

A Candid Note of Gratitude to my Mom in Heaven

Dear Moma,

Missing you a Lot! Feeling Nostalgic....and my craving for you multiplies with each passing day...Their is not a single moment when I don't wanna hide my face in your lap and experience a heaven on earth, in your selfless divine touch...I really really miss u momma from the bottom of my heart and also every little single thing that you did for me, every little single thing that you taught me...I know it would not have been easier but thank you so so much for laying the strong foundation of  values in me, which has stayed by me and have become my strengths, to the path of success in my life...

I know life has not been a bed of roses for you from the day I was born, the day you sacrificed all your comforts and riches to keep me alive and left my grand-mom's house forever... Never once did you complaint about this...Grand-mom wanted to abandon me on a dustbin for being a girl child...But you were so honest to your first-born, you set out to fight the world alone...This is probably the first and the biggest lesson of honesty I learnt from you and my belief in it grows more profound, with the advent of each new day....

It was undoubtedly the strength of your character that you reared me almost single-handedly....and yet I never ever felt we missed anything...You cornered yourself from all the pleasures of the world, to give me the best education. I know you have worked so so hard all thru' your life, to make me stand on my own feet...My heart pained when you used to walk 12 kms if I needed some important book for my studies, to save the money spent on rickshaw...Yet you used to teach poor children for free in the evenings for you always believed that only educated people can build a strong nation and society...I have never told you mamma, but my heart swell in pride to see your honesty towards your noble profession of teaching...When it could have been so easier for you to churn money through coaching classes and afforded an upper middle class lifestyle, you preferred to listen to your soul...You definitely set an example before me always and that has been your most favorite mode of imbibing honesty in me...

Remember the day mamma, when I was in class 1, and brought home the pencil box of Supriya, I have fancied for so long....You have definitely not expected this out of me and asked me to tell you the truth...This is when you softly taught me that we must not only be honest to our mom but also to all other relations in life, to our friends an to our work, by not 1 but if I remember correctly by 7-8 examples...till the time it sank in me completely...The one which had the deepest impat on me is etched on my heart till today...You told me that because  I liked her pencil box more than mine , I took it..if someone likes my mother more than hers, she will take away my mamma...The mere thought of this very situation perplexed me and I ran back to Supriya's home to apologize and return...You undoubtedly taught me the biggest lessons in the gentlest manners...

I will never forget you always said that 1 chapati of honestly earned money tastes 5 times better than a butter naan earned by dishonest means...You have lead by example and trust me your values run in my blood now...and I intend to imbibe exactly the same in my little sonny too..Infact I wanna say to you:

 "Thankyou dear mamma,

For not only giving me life
But also teaching me, how to make it worthwhile

For not only teaching me how to walk

But also, how to tred life's most difficult paths

For not only inculcating in me my first thoughts

But also, the deep strength to fight no matter what circumstances befall

For not only hugging me whenever I fall

But also for the unconditional love which is still filled in my heart

Whatever I am today is only because of you,

Dear mamma, thankyou......

Now I am rearing my child,exactly like you taught me...

I admire you more n more with every passing day, dear mummy......"

You had such a big heart oozed out of it selflessly for everyone...I guess I have driven my philanthropic urge too from you...If there can be one word I can best use to describe you, it will undoubtedly be "Honest" ...You were even most earnest to God in expressing your gratitude to him and always repaying back to the needy a little from whatever we had...

With failing words, I wanna express my heartfelt gratitude to you today for being such a fantastic mom, my bestie, my teacher, my guru, infact my everything...I wish to Almighty that he gives me you as mom, in all my births...

Thank-you for always dwelling in my heart and being my guiding light..No I had never bid you good-bye nor I will ever...You will forever be alive in my heart, in the form of great values of honesty , truthfulness and faith you have always reinforced in me mamma dearest <3



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  1. This is such a genuine confession.Loved to read every bit of it :)