Thursday 7 May 2015

What actually is the "Ek Nayi League" by Kapil Dev ?? - Probably an "Extraordinaire New face of Cricket"

When A Cricket Giant and a Living Legend of the Stature of The Great Kapil Dev, takes to the intellectual's social media - Twitter, ravenously to launch something really humongous (he calls it #EknayiLeague) , it can undoubtedly be nothing less than the "Extraordinaire"....But what exactly is this "Ek Nayi League" ?? Is Kapil up to Creating History again ??

His interesting yet conspicuous videos have heightened the curiosity further, where he has left the viewers clueless about what his "Ek Nayi League" is gonna be all about??The more video-clips  one watches, deeper grows the riddle...he has smartly challenged great players and eminent personalities who had stood the testimony of time and set out an example worth admiration in front of others.

The fact that he has reiterated that you fail in his league if you play with your heart, has forced the big Cricket fan in me( who always loves to express straight from the heart, to this time deduce with her mind logically) to take the challenge and try to crack what his ambitious endeavor , is going to be all about.....

So here go my Intuitive guesses:

1. Because it is the Dream venture of the First Cricketing Super-Hero of India, Kapil Dev, it surely has to be related to Cricket....obviously this one was easy to get!

2.My second guess is it will not only involve cricketers but celebrities from all other walks of life too, may it be from other sports, or from bollywood, famous musicians, writers perhaps Sania Mirza, Chetan Bhagat or even the adorable Bitto

Kapil Sharma :) and why exclude the international guys....they will serve as a perfect icing on the cake of this Mega Annual Event.

3. It will surpass IPL in terms of money-making and shooting to stardom overnight which I always thought the cricketers and sports-star were worthy of in India but were deprived of the same, for reasons better chosen not to be cited...

4. Another probability I see is the sponsorship shall be on individual players and their performance and not on teams...The team will be either a one player or a max of 3-4 players on either side with a max overs of not more than 3-5.

5.Multiple Matches will be played in a single day or a couple of days, including the quarter-finals, semifinals and final.This game will definitely be a game of the future as it will require the cricket buffs to maximum take a couple of days off and would serve as a welcome break for them...This will thus increase the efficiency of the Indian work force by rejuvenating them(my out of the box thinking, grin).

6. Also, it would be an absolute delight for the billions of Indian and international viewers to watch all their favorite celebrities playing their favorite game...A huge income will thus be generated through advertising industry too. 

7.Lastly, all the rules of this game will be logically deduced by the veterans of Cricket and will be absolutely fair and unbiased.

8. Furthermore, Ek Nayi League will have minimalistic human intervention with no human empires. All judgement will be made with the help of most advanced technology from around the globe....This League will undoubtedly be independent of any govt influence too and thus be a "Real Trend-Setter" in the "International Scenario" absolutely "One of it's kind" <3

I am sure I have already raised speculations in your heart and your minds have began to wander and meander figuring out your interpretation...Well the launch of the "Extraordinaire Ek Nayi Leaugue" is just a couple of hours away guys...

You can catch the latest buzz at uninterrupted by @therealkapildev

But what I can say beyond all doubt is "Ek Nayi League" will surely be the "Extraordinaire New face of Cricket "!!!

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