Thursday 11 September 2014

Volume 2 of Destiny's Chosen Child : My little Anna the Fighter

Dear Readers,

My little Anna is back for you...Presenting to Volume 2 of the true story of my little Angel...Those who missed Part-1, Pls find the link to it here, my dears :

I Trust you would shower bucket loads of love to this one too...

So my little Anna was tormented,tormented beyond compare...She felt her mom only loved her little brother n she is not her dad's princess anymore....This was far too much for a 6 year old... n she found herself lonely, v v lonely in a huge crowd...

Her dad was the first one to sense her agony, n he was shattered to see his daughter in so much pain..He immediately sent a Request letter to his Head Office seeking a Transfer to a City which had sound Education for his children, no matter how far off it was.In few months, he was transferred, to a city far down South...It took 4 days by train to reach there from Anna's maternal Grandfather's Place...Everyone felt it was too far off, but not my little darling, she was on Cloud 9... Her lost Zeal came back and she became the same vibrant girl she always was...She was so so elated to be reunited with her parents that she had tears of happiness rolling all over her face n a beautiful smile in her lips..

My Angel soon soared to the top not only academically but also in many Co-curricular activities...She was v sincere, v dedicated n always stood out of the rest..Her Focus towards her goals was impeccable and by now she has learnt to take many difficult situations in her stride..Her dad was transferred frequently ( probably because he always said no to bribes) and this made her v v adaptable n also multilingual...Life was almost a bed of Roses...

She was now in Standard tenth and was the apple of eyes of all her teachers who unanimously thought she was set to break all academic records in the Board exams...She worked hard n really hard..Her dad by now have been promoted to Senior Manager and has been allotted a 4 room mansion but she preferred to study in the Storeroom because it had pin-drop silence..Her concentration was beyond comparison always...Once it so happened that the mattress on which she was sitting began to burn due to the falling of burning incense sticks on it, right below her, but she didn't realize the same...only to be shaken up by her mom ....this amazing girl has gone crazy seeking her aim to get admission in the best school in the national capital, based on her merit...

But again, this was not what was Destined to be...All excited she went to get her board results..her exams undoubtedly went v well...Taking her mark-sheet in her hands, she fainted............Alas! She had secured only 46 marks in her Social Science exam, n thus secured only 86% marks overall in her boards...Her soul was traumatized, she felt it was all over n here fate was sealed..She locked herself in her room n wept n wept...her dad was heart-broken too.....but than, they decided to fight it out..they applied for scrutiny n filed a case in the High Court...It took a whooping 6 long months but the reevaluation brought forth the fact that it was a typing error on her mark-sheet n she has secured 96 marks in Social Science in reality...Her overall percentage now soar to 96% and now no school could deny her admission, which she truly deserved...She has now become the second topper of the state in CBSE Exams n took great pride in herself .....Her happiness was short lived though as it was mid-session by than and she could not join her dream school...But eventually she did manage to enter one of best Schools in India at Pilani on Scholarship, due to her Academic Excellence and was to go to her first hostel ever.

My Tiny darling has now grown up to a beautiful 15 years old young girl, ready to fly on her own..She bid adieu to her parents n her sweet little brother, to venture into her world of dreams...This institute opened her up to a new Universe..It had everything from Dance, Drama, Speech, Band and Academics,with the priorities being exactly in that order...My lovely sweetheart, shaped her overall personality here..She took her time to gel with with the kids out there mostly very rich n elite, but soon carved out her niche in their hearts...and was loved by everyone out their alike.

During this period, her relationship with her small brother strengthened too,and  they constantly wrote their hearts out to each other in letters, n longed to spend time with each other during vacations...She also now felt so much closer to her parents, as she began to understand their extreme sacrifices for her..All this kept her FIRE alive to become SOMETHING N SOMEONE IN LIFE N NOT DIE UNNOTICED...Her Goals were so clear to her always n she always worked most diligently to achieve them...She soon came out with flying colours in her 12th exams as well... being the first topper of her school..she automatically became eligible for higher studies in Pilani which she denied..n rather chose to appear in different competitive examinations...By this time her dad was once again transferred to a small town in a Northern state.

Her Hardwork paid off n this wonderful gal came out with flying colours with a All India rank of 328 in the Engineering Entrance Exam....She was mesmerised n basked in her glory... She now waited for the counselling for allotment of the colleges to happen...But Somehow Destiny always chooses to play hide n seek with her...She had to face the bare truth when her cousin, who has appeared for the same exam, called up to inquire why did not come for Counselling..She has missed the newspaper where it was announced...Heaven fell on her...She traveled overnite to reach the counselling Venue only to figure out that the waiting list seats were getting filled now..............

All in tears she looked up n said, " OH LORD! WHY ALWAYS ME " ...I have never seen her buried so much under despair...What happens next? Was this the end of her dreams, the reward of her hard-work for so many long years....What Happened than to my lovely Princess, did she survive d worst....To know it all, pls do check my next blog post , straight from my heart, for all of you , my lovely readers :)

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  1. Little Anna is like an angel who will survive against all odds

    1. Yes dear Krishna, I trust you liked and relate to my little ANNA :)

  2. Anna is like every angel princess :) love her and i started seeing anna in my daughter

  3. ANNA' S successful philosophy says....I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward..