Monday 8 September 2014

Destiny's Chosen Child! My little ANNA.......

Dear Readers,

In this blogpost, I bring to you the sentiments of my little Anna and you would know in a while why I Choose to call her Destiny's Child.....

Though born to a thoughtful Banker Dad and a prudent Mom, my tiny damsel, was chosen to be tested right from her birth..A thought that I am even hurt to write was so pro for her Grand-mom...His dad being the eldest of 10 siblings ANNA was this generation's first child to be born in the family, but alas her Grand-mom was so Grief - struck to see her. She hated a Girl Child.....was being a mom of 6 daughters the reason???

And I fail to understand, how can a girl herself, also a mom of 6 lovely girls, despise another girl, that too her granddaughter to the extend that she told her son to dump her on a Dustbin  and remarry???

But Destiny wanted ANNA to survive n so did her admirable dad..he loved his daughter beyond eternity, picking her up in his arms, he challenged his mother,that one day he will make his daughter what none of the son's of his family had ever become...That very moment my Anna's dad n mom left her parental house forever with their tiny angel, who meant their world now...

Oblivious of the fact that how hard his parents worked in the initial years, my Princess bloomed in the most secure arms of her lovely mom, though not for very long indeed..

DESTINY has struck again...Anna's Dad had big plans for her right from the formative years..n he stressed it upon her, by relating to her inspirational stories of some really great man n women...But the first step to everything was good education, n so she was sent off to her maternal Grandparent's home, as the village in which her banker dad was posted lacked even the primary education.

Though very little, she really felt deep, the pain of being snipped off her Mother's lap, to be on her own, at a v tender age..No doubt her maternal aunts nurtured her quite well n this is where her right  foundation to always look ahead in life, was laid...Though her heart often longed for her mom, she has decided in her innocence that there was no looking back...She started finding solace in her studies n books became her biggest companion..

In some time, her little brother was born.She felt ecstatic but was not allowed to go near him as she was down with viral fever...She wanted to play with her tiny sibling but kept quiet(though she was by now quite a Happy go lucky girl) for she has now began to understand the circumstances....With the birth of her little bro, the number of visits of her parents to see her, diminished.This was natural, but not to her as a 5 year old..

Her fears worsened when she visited her home in vacations the next year but her little brother declined to recognize her or let her sit on mamma's lap....This incident broke my tiny darling's heart...She started to shun the idea of going home n gradually her interest in studies all other activities, an innate champion she always was, also begin to diminish...She started building a web around her which isolated her from the rest of the world...She felt her mom only loved her little brother n she is not her dad's princess anymore... This was too much for a 6 year old....

How did my tiny damsel get rid of her agony...who came to her rescue n how...what happened next..cud her father fulfill what he has told his mother,on Anna's Birth..What was DESTINED ahead for my little ANNA, to know all this pls check out my next blog post exclusively for you my dear readers..

Keep writing to me..Wud love to hear from you always...TrulyyoursRoma

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  1. I am a big fan of your writing...Keep Writing always

  2. I am so excited to know what happens next to Anna.....

  3. roma, seems like my story and i really cried as my grandmother was also not happy with girl child and do not let me play with doll as it bring girl at home. this kill me a lot. i was punish for no reason. u bring my past back. but i love your writting as you can sense that it pull me to my real life.
    it is whos story , yours?
    you should write a novel.

  4. Thnx a ton Dear Gurjeet Chhabra, it means a lot for me, exclusively for readers like you, rollling out third and final volume on 18th Sept <3 <3

  5. Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.....this is the message your story gives with respect to the view of ANNA'S DAD......HAT'S OFF TO YOU SIR.....