Thursday 21 March 2024

Short-lived Vs Sustained Happiness #worldpoetryday

Forties indeed are calm and blissful 

They have transformed this flashy hopeless romantic 

Into a spiritual silent lover who is more accepting than ever 

And have taught me priceless lessons to deal with my emotions 

My younger self believed in possessive love 

And was ready to pay any cost to have it all

Today, the more mature me is poles apart 

She loves to be assertive and take and give space to all

It is very important to primarily understand and accept who we are 

And when we do, we must muster the power to express it all

because now I know, that in falling in love with another human 

what we often forget is to love ourselves first 

I realized this very late in life 

That my happiness is short-lived 

Because I base it on someone else’s every time 

If they are happy so am I otherwise 

it is suffocating and quiet 

Sometimes their anger is for no fault of mine 

because perhaps that is the kind of ecosystem on which so far we have thrived 

But my forties have made me change 

And I still can’t comprehend why 

All I know is, that it is for the greater good 

It is to help me channelize my love on the right roads 

I have now learned that true love is acceptance 

But without having to compromise on one’s belief system 

I will now only apologize if I am wrong 

But please speak to me if you think that way 

It is not ok to give and take silent treatment 

It is brutal and claustrophobic, rather can we not simply talk it out 

In our emotional wellness journey 

Our primary goal should be our sustained happiness 

which should not be dependent on others 

But on things that give unparalleled joy to our hearts when we desire

I will still love others unconditionally 

I will embrace them with a smile 

The happy me based on my own definition of sustainable happiness, will still try  

 Because true love is acceptance 

But today I will prioritize myself 

I will not let anyone take me for granted 

For once I have to be just to myself 

I have now chosen to accept my love for myself before anyone else 

Truly Yours Roma

Also, as the founder of the Endometriosis Support and Awareness Group of India, I would love for you to join me in my mission or approach me for any women health-related assistance you seek.


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