Monday 11 March 2024

Announcing ‘Brave Inked Emotions’, my 8th book with 30 more eminent and power-packed voices of the writing world

The most awaited surprise is here folks. On the occasion of Women’s Day, I am super stoked to announce my 8th book ‘BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS’ and this time it is with 30 more eminent and power-packed voices of the writing world all coming together for a unique purpose. This anthology discusses ‘Soulful life experiences of eminent Indian writers on how life taught them precious lessons in their emotional turmoil’. The stories are raw, heart-touching, and extremely inspiring to say the least, and have a lot on emotional wellness for all of you. 

I dedicate this book to the women of India, this book is by them and for them, and also to my mom who taught me to lead a life with purpose.

Emotions are beautiful but are also very powerful. They can uplift us at one moment but can sink us really deep the very next. Every coming generation seems to be getting weaker and weaker in handling their emotions and it is heart-breaking to see so many succumbing to suicide or mental health failure. To us not only our emotions are extremely vital but also of our loved ones and each one of us devices his or her own techniques to fare better when thrown out of our comfort zone I guess experience teaches us the most about how to secure our emotional wellness.

So here is a delve into 31 soulful life experiences of eminent Indian writers of how life taught them precious lessons on emotional strength which someone in a similar boat can use as a guiding light to deal better. You can read an unimaginable range of true stories here right from a young bride’s exemplary resilience to a wheelchair-ridden inspirational young girl’s biography. There’s a counselor giving her heart and soul to her student and there’s a destiny’s chosen child stumbling and weaving back life at every step in life and many many more. They all will touch your soul like never before, giving you precious lessons on emotional wellness.

The concept of this book stems from my strong belief that each one of us has an untold tiny story in our heart that often fades away, buried deep in a dark crevice therein, but if told these tales can serve as a worthy ‘Eureka’ for the mankind. Also, Indian woman are the strongest and if they are not life teaches them to become stronger along its course for themselves and their loved ones.

This was the thought behind bringing to you this extremely personal compilation of power-packed real stories of Top Indian Women Writers who have faced it all and have devised their own theories to regain their emotional strength at all costs for themselves. I am really grateful to them for accepting to share these extremely important and vital slices of their lives with you all.

This is my eighth book targeting women empowerment in India and I am sure you will confer the same love to it as you had to my earlier literary outings. This time I have not penned it all but bring in the power of several other purposeful voices along with mine.
If through this work, we can bring a positive change to even one soul in need, its purpose is served.

Please find below the book links for you to make a copy, all yours.



Heartiest Congratulations to all my Co-writers some of whom turn 'Published Authors' for the first time and my heart is so full. They are rejoicing in the moment and their smiles mean the world to me. I know it has not been easy for them to share it all in public but they did it willingly for the greater good.


Also, I am so overwhelmed to see your love towards BRAVE INKED EMOTIONS, and am so grateful for all your support. Thank you for accepting it with open arms. Please keep showering the same love upon us.

Truly Yours, Roma

Truly Yours Roma

Also, as the founder of the Endometriosis Support and Awareness Group of India, I would love for you to join me in my mission or approach me for any women health-related assistance you seek.

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