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My learnings from Spiritual Anatomy by Daaji, a diverse ocean of knowledge


In 2019, post a major surgery for endometriosis, during the recuperating months, I started feeling a natural incline towards spirituality. I loved the guided meditation hours in my balcony where heartwarming sunshine was intercepted by occasional drizzles. Gradually I started reading about it and was pleasantly surprised to know the secrets of the universe and how we can tap them in our favour. I was finally able to tap into the power of my subconscious after a lot of practice. I am still so intrigued by this topic and devour myself with any genuine recommended reads on the subject. 

This was precisely the reason I picked up ‘Spiritual Anatomy’ by Daaji to delve into the secrets that go beyond our physical and mental anatomy, I really value the priceless lessons it taught me and honestly, I guess since I am at the start of my forties I can understand and implement them a little better and to the core but it does not mean youngsters can’t, wisdom can manifest itself in our lives at any age.

In this offbeat book review of a precious book, I would love to share with you what even a commoner like me can learn from 'Spiritual Anatomy’ which is a diverse ocean of knowledge. 

1. Everything is taught with soulful stories as references

I feel I established a deep connection with this book as I could relate to so many stories author Kamlesh D. Patel fondly known as Daaji has integrated seamlessly whether they were about monks or kings or precious anecdotes from his personal life. You must delve into this precious read to know why Daaji as a 19-year-old wanted to embrace being a monk, what happened to his life after that, and many more such stories that we all can relate to as a human.

2. Heartfulness Meditation Technique

This form of Meditation centered on our heart is my biggest takeaway from this book and I have been able to restore my meditation practice after long guided by the extremely user-friendly app demonstrated in the book. 

It is an inclusive technique of meditation that anyone on this planet with an interest in it can implement in his life and benefit. I loved how it is customizable as per every human’s needs. It is based on 4 steps known as Heartfulness Practices which are self-paced techniques.

Heartfulness Relaxation: It is recommended before meditation at a very comfortable place preferably first thing in the morning. It helps us relax completely and is done in a lying position. It is advised that we book our first three sessions with the Heartfulness team or from the App. They are free globally. 

Heartfulness Meditation: This is done right after the relaxation in a sitting position where we believe that the divine light is present right in our heart and is attracting us within and we are soaked in the love and happiness gradually forgetting about all the worries. I can vouch for the fact that with regular practice the experience gets more immersive and helpful.

Heartfulness Cleaning: This is to be done around sunset in the evening which again desires us to sit in a comfortable position and channel our energies to release all uncertainties, complexities, and impurities from our body as fumes from between our tailbone and the top of our head. In about 10-25 minutes we start to feel lighter when we must image absorbing positive fumes of purity from the front and in no time most of our stress has vanished. It will take some days to master this approach but it is extremely effective. 

Heartfulness Prayer: Prayer is the ultimate form of integrating our consciousness with the vibrations of the universe. The technique for the same is also very well laid in the Heartfulness guide to maximize the gain. 

Heartfulness helps in clearing the spaces around our chakras and helps them bloom and it is beautifully outlined in the book.

3. Promotes value-based self-improvement 

Another reason why this book struck a chord is that it helps us in gradual self-improvement but is based on compassion and being good at heart, an integrated approach that promotes that one must be celibate to achieve almighty and eternal peace but helps one strike a balance between his material world and pure conscience.

4. Is full of strong resources for self-analysis

The book at regular intervals provides tools like individual specific exhaustive questionnaires and expert answers from Daaji to specific personal questions seeking guidance. I attempted the questionnaire and it gave me valuable insights, I will keep reevaluating myself at regular intervals to foresee my growth in the right direction.

5. Inspires us deeply to embrace a steady and settled mind 

When I started reading this book I used to thrive mainly on short-lived happiness which was so dependent on my external world but as I read along I realized how I can use my inner power for sustained happiness which comes from a steady and settled mind that is very accepting. A steady mind and a powerful heart both enable us to become genuine human beings always emanating positive vibrations to the universe.

5. Teaches us the secret ingredients of life

This is something absolutely relatable for me in this book that I found very worthwhile. Like highlighting our attitudes as the secret ingredient of our life. It teaches that certain basic attitudes in our lives are like mother tinctures. Mother tinctures are the base formulations from which other potencies of the medicine are derived. Similarly, I was spellbound to know that the mother tinctures that define our core attitudes are humility, liveliness, and a sense of urgency. Reading them at length was so eye-opening.

I can go on and on about my learnings from the book but I would love you to experience it yourself. I am intrigued to implement them gradually and sustainably in my life and reap the benefits. I genuinely highly recommend this book to all.

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