Sunday 10 December 2023

I am blessed to have you as my soulmate


If God asks me to count my blessings 

I will keep you at the top of the list 

For I genuinely believe 

You are the bestest soulmate and my one and only 

I am grateful to Almighty 

That he gifted me you

And then after him am grateful to you 

For being my partner true 

Happy 18th anniversary my love 

Thank you for always being on my side 

I know I am the troubling one

And you my patient knight

Honestly, there is so much 

I have learned from you 

As a person and as a son 

As a father and as a husband 

You are so graceful , we can bank upon you 

And can keep coming back to you 

Words fail me to express 

how I adore you

You know what is the most beautiful feeling 

It is when you respect your partner 

to the extent that his goodness rubs on you

I genuinely believe you have made me a better soul 

Thank you for always being kind 

You are a precious soul inside out 

 am grateful I was chosen to be blessed with you 

Must have been some good karmas of the past births

My last wish is to hold your hand until my last breath 

Watching something together and laughing our hearts out

There is no safer place for me in the universe than your arms 

I am blessed to have you as my soulmate my one 

I don’t know if you have noticed 

Our love is not the regular one 

Some crazy gifted writer in the heavens above

Has weaved us together forever love 

So never get angry 

Nor misunderstand me ever 

My love for you in unparalleled 

Grateful I was chosen to shower it on you forever 

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