Monday 20 November 2023

22 years of going strong

Hugs and Kisses to you my love 

On completing 22 years of accepting each other forever the way we are 

I still remember that fateful night 

That made us accept our hearts’ desire 

I replay it in my mind a hundred times 

And still smile reliving those moments 

How young, how naive were we

But our love knew how to transcend all boundaries 

From that day, till today 

We have weaved our nest inch by inch 

Need I say how fulfilling is this journey 

Let’s be together like this for many more decades and centuries 

Happy Love Anniversary once again sweetheart 

Together we are really going strong 

Respecting and loving each other 

Despite being so different and sometimes even being wrong 

In our every day hustle bustle 

There are many things that go unsaid

So today let me take the opportunity 

Before it is too late 

Thank you for being kind and caring towards me 

For this I will forever remain grateful to you 

Thank you for all the smiles you give me 

For they are the primary reason I feel like living 

I also genuinely want to say 

I am so proud of your accomplishments 

Not many in this world can fulfil their dreams 

Like you have done 

And you may not know 

For I always nag you

But on this earth I am the one who is happiest to see 

the heights that you gradually accomplish 

Of course for the days we fight

I want to delete them from our life’s flash drive 

I honestly don’t like when you get bossy

Because I always know that internally your heart is as soft as wax and I know my Shobhi 

I honestly love you to the moon and back 

And believe you are the best thing that has happened to me in this world 

I would rather not spend life’s journey with anyone else but you

And I love to keep saying you are mine and I love you

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