Monday 18 September 2023

Understand your child's internet usage with Happinetz

As parents of the current generation the biggest challenge we face is how to keep our child's internet usage safe and regulated. We understand that the child's internet usage is bound to increase as he or she grows up with the online learning boom and the advent of social media. As a mother of a teenager I hope that he has enough judgment to decide on what content not to click on, which knowingly or unknowingly, he might come across while surfing for online education or for doing his assignments.

When we adults fall prey to the enticing advertisements that keep popping up on our screens, how can we be sure that the innocent kid at the cusp of adulthood might not check out the same out of curiosity? I have always secretly wished for a convenient method to filter what content reached him. My second worry is the number of hours the kids clock on the internet these days. The Internet has become their comfort space not only for studying but also for playing as well as for social interactions.

Today I want to share with you how I have found an innovative solution to the above problems that can regulate my child's internet usage safely as per my desire. I have connected a device known as Happinetz Box to my home router which exhaustively filters all the inappropriate websites and apps from reaching our children when I connect their devices to it through Wifi. In simple words, Happinetz Box provides Safe Internet for Kids by connecting to our home router, wired or wirelessly.

Monitor your child’s internet usage as a guide and not a controller

I am so impressed by this box because it gives us immense flexibility as parents to decide what content will reach our kids on a macro level and at a micro level we can blacklist or whitelist certain websites as per our child's internet usage requirement which can be age specific. I control all of this with the help of the super user-friendly ‘Happinetz App’ on my phone which is my magic wand to understand my child's Internet usage behavior in utmost detail.

Additionally, Happinetz helps us set customizable time slots when our child can access the internet which in the case of younger children can be the discretion of the parents while in the case of teens can be mutually decided. For the time that they are on the internet, we get a real-time report generated of the websites and apps they visited and the time their devices were on the internet. Several graphs and pie charts generated, analyzing the comparative usage help us guide our kids better and enforce discipline amicably because we can show them real data of the time that got wasted on non-fruitful activities.

Exhaustive multi-level filtering system

This is what makes Happinetz stand out. It is not a device for surveillance but for guidance, it helps us teach our children judgment because the sudden onslaught of irrelevant content on the internet can be baffling. Happinetz renders a safe internet environment for them and helps parents get rid of all their worries because they are extremely sure that the two most dangerous categories of adult content and security breach content are always blocked under all circumstances.

Will you believe me if I tell you that Happinetz monitors and tracks more than 110 million websites and more than 22 million adult and malicious websites are blocked by default by it which makes me feel empowered as a parent for I know the strong tech team behind is working for our internet safety 24x7 with its state-of-the-art technology. It has brought so much peace in my life and eased my burden so much just like a 2 a.m. expert friend.

The insights that Happinetz generates for me, showing at length, all the websites accessed by my kid help me open a bidirectional dialogue with my child on the topic of using that particular website to what limits more objectively. This makes him take responsibility for his actions and decide his screen time hours as well. Once he follows it religiously, he gets rewarded with a pick from Happinetz Reward Cardz which rewards him with eleven adorable options to choose from. This gives him a sense of achievement too while obeying rules becomes his lifestyle. Thus I feel every parent must install Happinetz in their homes.

My belief in Happinetz is further reinforced by the fact that it is developed by a set of smart parents (who are also engineers) whom I have known personally for several years and who would launch a genuine innovation to society only if they were 110% sure of its effectiveness. I am so proud of them that they identified this need and burned the midnight oil to give us a solution to the problem of our child’s internet usage which has been a challenge for most of us.

Also, did I tell you that Happinetz is a Mode Based System? It has 3 modes, kid mode, teen mode, and parent mode and each mode appropriately corresponds to a certain age group. Each mode has its own filters and customizable settings to help suit a parent’s needs. No App installation is required on the kid’s device and we can connect as many as 10 devices at a time to the Happinetz box. It is highly adaptable and works on all browsers and devices.

2-step, 5-minute installation of Happinetz

Buying Happinetz is very easy. We can buy it at the link here. They are running a great inaugural discount too. Happinetz comes in impressive packaging which contains Happinetz Box, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cable, Happinetz Reward Cardz, 6-month subscription with access to all features.

Installation of Happinetz is a cakewalk and takes at most 5 minutes in total.
We need to plug in a cable between our internet router and the box and power up the box with the adaptor provided. It can also be connected remotely to the router if desired. Next, we install the Happinetz app on our phones and connect our kid’s devices to the Happinetz Wifi after switching off Mac Randomisation on the phones and tablets, for laptops and television sets this step is not needed.

I have found the detailed videos on Happinetz YouTube channel super helpful in answering all my questions. Also, we can ask for real-time assistance on the Happinetz website. I deeply appreciate how they assist us until our last need so that the purpose of Happinetz to give us happiness is served perfectly. Just remember to let your kid’s devices be only on the Happinetz Wifi and all other passwords must be changed and data connection not given to help us gauge the child’s internet usage perfectly.

Once the device is up and running you will be surprised at how easy it is for you to monitor and safeguard your child’s internet usage and feel so free and liberated. Honestly, Happinetz is a perfect gift for us parents, to keep the most important little humans in our lives safe and happy while on the internet, and empowers us like nothing else.

Need I say, I am such a proud Happinetz Parent. What else could have I asked for other than #SafeInternetforKids? I highly recommend it to every parent because Happinetz is the need of the hour. To order it straight away, click here.

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