Thursday 6 July 2023

Paris Diaries: I overcame my worst fear in Disneyland Paris and How♥️ #TravelHeals #MemoirsSeries


Before I delve into this precious memoir, let me share my secret superpower with you today. It has actually stemmed from my biggest weakness which is I am very emotional and thus feel hurt easily and though I am getting better at it but still trusting people comes naturally to me. Thus it is understandable that I get heartbroken often and hit rock bottom but my superpower is that almost always I am extremely self-motivated and know how to lift myself up without any help. The lower I hit, the more is the energy with which I bounce back all smiling, concealing all the pain in my heart forever. Today is one such day when I am feeling the strongest and thus wish to make this important announcement.

No matter how short or how long a life I live I now want the world to know my story and hence I am going to write and leave all here absolutely honestly and unabashedly without hiding any single fact. This is going to be my perspective and so no one should feel offended, you may have your viewpoint. By here I mean in my new forthcoming book to be released soon and it shall be called ‘Unapologetically Yours Truly Roma’.

Continuing from my Paris Diaries, today I want to write about my Disneyland experience where the universe earnestly helped me every bit and I had to use my mental power to defeat my physical pain. Just to give you a little bit of background I did not get my Schengen Visa until the last minute and was recovering from a bad bout of viral when I came to know my manifestations have yielded a positive result. Obviously, I didn’t get sufficient time to prepare as I wished nevertheless, I was soaked in happiness to the core.

My Europe trip commenced perfectly as I spend the first four super fun and chilling days in Madrid but it was in the super breezy Valencia when while sipping chilled Sangria my throat went soar and the viral fever relapsed which gradually I kept subsiding over the next six days with Augmentin, enjoying in different parts of Spain but enroute Barcelona to Paris, a critical endometriosis flare up kicked in along with severely cramping menstrual cycle. 

Damn! I was booked for Disneyland Paris the next day. Deep in my heart, I was still a Disney princess and I was set to live my dream. How can my frail health stop me? I channelized all my inner power the next morn at 4 a.m. and meditated deeply. Soon my mind was in peace and joy flew in my veins. I dressed up comfortably, ate a proper breakfast, took my medicine, and started off calmly from my Eiffel Tower Air bnb to Disneyland Paris.

Standing at its gate felt like a dream. I gifted myself a beautiful mini mouse hair accessory(you can judge me on this if you feel this is not age appropriate 😁, if you are a regular here, you know the kind of rebel I am) that I joyfully flaunted the whole day. The rest of the day went in a blink. From contemplating that because I am scared to even sit on a merry-go-round, my expensive Disneyland ticket shall be a sheer waste of money, I actually enjoyed every single wonder offered there, even the 360 degrees star wars roller coaster though the cameras there did capture me keeping my eyes closed. My husband dear bought that exorbitantly priced picture as a memoir of how I set an example by overcoming my fear. Only I know how I managed on the second day of my cycles with an acute endometriosis flare-up and viral fever refusing to budge. 

But who cared? I loved every ounce of the experience and trust me it indeed is a marvel every which way. Reliving the fairy tales we grew up reading, with your child is a real high. Like little babies, we kept hopping from one queue to another so that we don’t miss any wonder here. The longer the wait, the more our excitement soared. We managed a Disney-themed buffet lunch in between where I rested and popped in my next set of meds. I still remember the super customized Disney theme yummy desserts. They too pumped me to discover the next park though I had already covered close to sixteen thousand steps.

Travel does this to us, it heals us, it pumps energy into us and it alone has the power to make us kids again. No matter how cliched it sounds, every moment of that day in Disneyland Paris is forever etched on my heart as the sweetest memory. I am glad I planned this trip after so long. I find travel really therapeutic and given a choice I can travel 365 days a year. Experiential learning is the best learning we can give to our children it is extremely critical in widening their horizon of thought.  Personally to me, it was an eye-opener, for I realized my incredible internal power. Have you tried discovering yours? My thoughts have begun to meander now so I will better stop here, until my next post of this series about…keep guessing😊

This is the second post in the #MYPARISDIARIES Series, you can read the first one here.

Truly Yours Roma

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