Thursday 8 June 2023

My heart is full - A Mid Year Gratitude post


As a writer, I have never been so overwhelmed to the extent that I am unable to pick what I must pen on my blog first, after the much-desired break. I am divided into a gratitude post, a pure and soulful travel memoir, a post on 3,6,9 Manifesting Technique, or a worthy write-up for my Endometriosis Support Group India. This is what always happens to me after a vacation, my mind keeps buzzing with ideas and I have to focus hard to start working back. 

But now without further ado let me begin with the emotion with which my heart is full at the moment and that undoubtedly is infinite Gratitude to the almighty and to the universe. The last year has been the biggest roller coaster for me in terms of hitting major lows and highs and yet if I am able to write to you today, I can only be grateful to all of you and the greater force above.

When the world opened post covid fully around this time last year, that is when it hit me the most, the three months of post-Covid complications took away my fitness and a lot of inner strength but I kept hanging on though I still struggle with the weight I gained due to month-long antibiotics.

By God’s grace, I was doing better in my chronic endometriosis with Ayurveda and my initiative to help other endometriosis patients kept me afloat. It also enhanced my purpose in life as I launched the Endometriosis Awareness and Support Group India and I am so happy I could fulfill this dream of mine. At 40 now I only want to embrace meaningful work.

Writing with a purpose was extremely fulfilling and therapeutic too, I completed one and a half unpublished manuscripts last year. One of these which will be a handbook for endometriosis patients from a patient’s purview and shall be out soon. As soon as it is released my readers can write to me for a free copy. The other one is a secret project very close to my heart again but I am yet to decide if that shall ever be released in the public domain.

In between I took mini travel breaks to several weekend getaways near NCR like at Fairmont, Jim Corbett, Nainital, Neemrana, and a birthday trip to Taj because, with all that was going around, that is all that we could manage. Though short trips they blew life in me again something I am so thankful for.

November, December, and January post-Diwali were again difficult health wise and I resorted to extreme prayers and medications and manifestations though losing myself a couple of times in between and hitting rock bottom. But I let my saviors guide me, and help me rise again and that is what I appreciate about myself, I know exactly when I have to seek help and my guru thousands of miles away always makes time for me.

In December we also shifted to our new abode which brought in a lot of positive energy for me along with an elder sister as my neighbor. I am so so grateful to her for how she handholds me always and also extremely thankful to the almighty for giving me her. 

In February 2023 another setback came my way which I overturned in my favor by infallible manifestations in the next three months. Someday maybe I will write to you guys about it but it brought back my self-belief and at the start of May, the magic began happening. 

My first murder mystery even got picked up to be published as a paperback by the prestigious Blogchatter and Readomania. There was a lot happening at that time when I was hit by a bad bout of viral fever when my home was buzzing with relatives as someone really close was very sick. 

My health remained a concern this entire year and as I accompanied my husband to Spain for his work and then France for a vacation I couldn’t really recover, yet had one of the best vacations ever and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude to Almighty for giving me the power to bear it all and yet enjoy the moment to its fullest. 

I had many firsts some small and some big but I am happy I fulfilled my tiny wishes like I got my first gel nail extensions ever, I did my first 360* roller coasters in Disneyland Paris and so many more…the kid in me really came alive and I am grateful for that kid. Wait for my next post on my recent trip and I am sure you are going to enjoy it as much as I did 💗.

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